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7 Best Summer Skincare Tips. Stay Informed and Ready

by Tatiana Plesco
Summer Skincare Tips

The sun is beaming and heat is increasing each day. With summers reaching their peak, your skin has begun to worsen too. The heat, oil, and sweat do not only make the skin tone dull, but they also cause the pores to clog and turn into giant zits.

Before you know it, your skin will be in the worst condition and you will be visiting a dermatologist. If you want to prevent that from happening, stocking up high-end skin creams and products may not be enough. You must incorporate a few rules into your daily routine and live by them. These rules or tips are not time-consuming at all, yet extremely effective.

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Make Deep Pore-Cleansing Mask Your Best Friend

In summer, your skin becomes a hub to oil, dirt and a lot of other gunk that leaves the pores deeply clogged.

That is why most of the people face severe breakouts in this season and they immediately resort to best acne treatments in town. However, the good news is you don’t need to spend tons of money on such treatments if you get your hands on a top-quality deep pore-cleansing mask for summers.

Apply it two to three times a week to make sure the pores are perfectly clean. Clay masks or peel-off masks usually work the best for summertime as they easily remove all the excess oil and dirt.

Soothing Mist for Refreshed and Hydrated Skin

To beat the heat and calm your skin, spray mists are the best to use in summers. Keep one in your bag and spray it on right when you feel that your skin is burning up or feels too oily. A soothing mist does not only soothe the skin but it also helps hydrate the skin which dehydrates due to all the heat.

Plus, these mists also work as toners for skin and they work well in keeping the tone of the skin even and bright. You can also make your own facial mist at home by adding two to three drops of tea tree oil in rosewater spray. Always shake it well before use.

soothing mist

Replace Pressed Powder with Blotting Papers

Instead of dabbing pressed powder on to your skin each time it gets oily, use blotting papers to remove the excess oil. Powders and creams and any other makeup items for skin only worsen its condition and clog the pores. Therefore, avoid using a lot of product that can potentially clog your pores and harm your skin in any way.

Detoxify and Hydrate the Body

You must not only use to take care of your skin topically, but you also need to keep the body clean and hydrated from the inside. If your body is clean and well-hydrated, it shows on to your skin and it begins to glow.

If you crave for that glow and need your skin to stay fresh and hydrated in summers, make sure you drink enough water, juices, and fruits. Watermelon intake can bring a beautiful glow on to your skin as it is extremely hydrating and soothing for the body.

Also, add chia seeds to your water as they help detoxify the body and soothe down the system. Or make refreshing detox water to beat the heat and freshen up the skin.

Never Sleep with a Speck of Makeup

Now, this one is a general rule but it becomes even more significant in summers. Keeping the skin perfectly clean at all times becomes essential, especially at night. Going to bed with even a speck of makeup can turn into a giant zit by the next morning in the summertime. Therefore, make sure you remove all the makeup using cleansing wipes or gel. Then, wash your face thoroughly to make sure there is no particle left to linger on to your skin.

Never Sleep with a Speck of Makeup

Increase the Use of Scrubs

Scrubs are used for exfoliating the skin and removing the dead skin cells. They instantly brighten the skin, remove dead skin and cleanse the pores all at once. Therefore, get your hands on a separate scrub for face and body for summertime. Use it three to four times a week while taking a bath. It will keep the bad odor of the skin at bay too and cleanse it deeply.

Make sure you use the good body butter and face moisturizer after exfoliating. It is essential to keep maintain the hydration level of the skin and preventing it from getting dry and dull.

Choose BB Creams Over Foundation

Summertime is best for getting your hands on BB creams because they are sheer, moisturizing and they contain SPF in them. Foundations, on the other hand, clog pores and are too heavy for wearing in summers. The heat instantly melts off the foundation, whereas, BB creams instantly absorb into the skin and give the right glow to the skin while protecting the skin from harmful rays. If you cannot do without foundations, make sure you get one that is non-comedogenic. It means that it should not be a formula that clogs the pores.

Choose BB Creams

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Emma Hanson is a mother of two, a skincare freak and an avid reader. She loves trying out new products and treatments for healthy and glowing skin. She shares her knowledge and experience by writing regularly on her blog. She is one of the co-founders of clearawayacne.com.

Updated on 10-08-2020

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