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7 Drinks For Losing Weight

by Tatiana Plesco

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods are not the only things that help in losing weight. But, you should also focus on drinks for losing your belly fat. Yes, you need to look for drinks other than water. With drinks, not only you can remain hydrated but can also maintain your weight for longer periods. Like fruits, whole grain foods, drinks also contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, you can fulfill your starvation by consuming drinks. But, excess drinks definitely cause health problems and diseases. High sugar and salt content present in drinks cause these problems. However, drinks are often recommended for losing belly weight. Here are some drinks that you must consume for losing your belly fat:

  •  Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best drinks that help in losing weight. Green tea contains vast antioxidants that help in maintaining health and fitness. Green tea is famous for its high catechin (an antioxidant) content that fights against cells and germs. By drinking green tea, you can lower/maintain cholesterol, enhance blood flow and prevent several heart-related problems. The best thing is that green tea does not contain sugar or salt. Many professionals recommend green tea for losing weight. You need to drink t least 3 cups of green tea every day.

  • Vegetable Juice


Many people suggest fruits juice for availing health benefits. But only a few recommend vegetable juice for losing weight and maintaining it for longer periods. According to your choice, you can select specific vegetables such as broccoli, spinach or cauliflower and can make nutritious juice. For extra health benefits, you can add herbs and spices in your juice. These vegetables contain massive anti-oxidants, nutrients, and minerals that improve the heart rate and maintain the digestive system. You should drink vegetable juice after or in between your daily meals. Just like water, you need to drink vegetable juice several times in a day.

  •  Black Coffee

 Black Coffee

I guess you are not aware of the health benefits of drinking coffee. Caffeine not only helps in avoiding sleep but also help in losing weight. It is a great thing for suppressing or reducing the hunger. No or less hunger means no food and therefore no extra fat. Black coffee also contains some nutrients that stimulate thermogenesis, a heating product. When the body is heated, metabolism is increased. Studies have shown that higher metabolism pretty much helps in losing fat. So, you can drink black coffee for losing extra weight. But, you should consume coffee in specific amounts. By drinking coffee times and again, you can face several health problems. You should use skim milk and the little sugar and drink around 1 cup of black coffee every day.

  •  Whey Protein

Whey Protein

Have you heard about the whey protein? This protein is different from the protein which is present in eggs and meats. And, this protein not helps in building cells but help in losing weight. With this protein, you can lose extra weight and enhance more muscle mass. Whey protein helps in secretion of cholecystokinin, a hormone that helps in suppressing appetite. This protein also helps in regulating the blood sugar and avoiding high cholesterols. It means that you can prevent various heart-related diseases. By eating whey protein, you can avail quicker fat burning. You need to consume this protein along with fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods. But, it is difficult to digest the whey protein. Therefore, you need to consume the decent amount of whey protein at different times.

  • Cold Water

Everyone knows that normal water offers various health benefits. But, only a few people know that cold water provides much more health benefits than normal water. You can burn extra fat by drinking ice cold water. 

  1. Cold water helps in burning additional 100 calories every day.
  2. Cold water removes the excess water that contributes to extra fat
  3. Cold water specifically helps the liver to burn fatter
  4. Cold water not only removes the thirst but also remove the hunger

Therefore, you can protect yourself from extra foods by drinking cold water on regular basis. A recent study showed – a man lost around 20 pounds of weight in a week just by adding some cold water to his diet.

  •   Yogurt Smoothies

Yogurt Smoothies

Ordinary smoothies are recommended for maintaining health and fitness. But, smoothies made from yogurt are particularly suggested for losing weight. It is the calcium content present in yogurt that helps in burning calories. This calcium help in reducing the fat that the body makes every day. According to a study, people lost 60% more fat just by drinking yogurt based smoothies at regular intervals. If you want enhanced results, you should add some whey protein and fruits to your smoothie made from the Greek yogurt. In very less time, you can get a decent amount of weight by focusing on yogurt smoothies.

  •  Skim or Fat-Free Milk

Like yogurt, milk also contains high calcium. So, you can suppress calcitriol and minimize your appetite by drinking milk. But, you need to go for skim milk that contains very less or no fat. In addition to calcium, skim milk also contains vitamin D and lean protein that helps in building muscles and toning bones. Vitamins and proteins do not offer problems like fats. You should drink skim milk in the morning and the night. If you want the extra taste, you can add chocolate powder that contains low fat. With low-fat chocolate milk, you can easily recover your body from the workout.

Summing Up

Now is the time for selecting drinks that help in losing weight. Green Tea contains an anti-oxidant called that helps in maintaining cholesterol, improving blood flow and avoiding heart-related diseases. Vegetable Juice is rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that improve metabolism and maintain weight. Black coffee contains various nutrients that help in secreting thermogenesis, known for enhancing metabolism. Skim milk and yogurt based smoothies contain calcium that suppresses hunger and maintains weight. Whey Protein improves the regulation of hormone called cholecystokinin that reduces the appetite. You should consume these drinks at different times in between your regular meals.

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