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7 Simple Methods To Get Closer To Your Kids And Make Their Day Full Of Sense

by Tatiana Plesco
Closer To Your Kids

Children have a world utterly unknown in front of them and an explore as they know it better, in their own way, innocently and amazing.

And the parents are truly fortunate to take part in their findings. Children are programmed to be curious and make discoveries.

They instinctively use all five senses and so can form their first impressions about the environment they live in. Here are some opportunities that we can use during a day to satisfy this innate curiosity. And don’t forget, as long as your little one loves it, it means what you’re doing is very good.

1. Spend time together in the kitchen.

Children develop healthier eating habits if they are involved in the preparation of food, so let your child feel at ease in the kitchen.
Spend time together in the kitchen
Let him play with the ingredients, put your mouth on avocado in order to land-based texture or feel the taste of a carrot. Preparation of healthy meals together with their children give them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with nutritious ingredients and balanced eating habits develop them.
In addition, there will be less picky if you are exposed to small to a wide variety of flavors and textures. Clutter and tarnished a price floor seem quite small for all these benefits.

2. Form the morning ritual that you all love.

Maybe that’s not the case to start the day with the Sun, but chanting towards you can do it in a way full of inspiration along with your baby!
Open the glass or curtains to give a hand and show him your child Sun, rain, snow or wind, cheering him to touch the glass and feel if it’s cold or warm. It is a ritual that will trigger the curiosity about the outside world, and contact with the natural light can help you sleep better.

3. Take advantage as much as you can of the outdoor world.

Why hurry? A sports stroller for outdoors is a wonderful opportunity for your child to explore the world.
The first thing a newly born will learn to recognize is the girls parents, and whatever comes after this experience is downright delightful to her.

So let your little one discover an unknown creature or wind movement. To see the world through the eyes of your child means to get back to a simpler way of life — one where any new discovery is cause for excitement.

4. Don’t miss any opportunity for a walk.

Don’t miss any opportunity for a walk
Feel the sunshine among trees or the movement of the leaf worn and blown by wind are sufficient to stimulate your child’s mind and to capture her attention. The outdoor playground has proved that he can do more for children, strengthen immunity to protect them from stress and anxiety, so don’t be afraid to let your child play through the dust and get dirty.

5. Make toys from nothing.

Use household items-wooden spoons, boxes of cardboard or caps for toys and let your little one to handle, to drum with them or to ‘ taste ‘. For kids, anything can turn into a play.
And if you get involved in their play and make a girl smile wide or a surprised face, is perfect, because facial expressions exaggerated were shown to improve babies ‘ ability to understand emotions and use them.

6. Make adventures.

Your baby doesn’t know that you come grocery shopping; for them is only the sixth time! Let him enjoy the colors and sounds of the store and let him play with groceries from the cart.
Be careful when you look like something off the shelf, because this is one of the first forms of communication. Does your baby seem fascinated with peanut butter? Show him the jar and leave it to discover it.

7. Turn your healthy habits in funny moments.

Instead of trying to get your concentration and your baby from ‘ obligatory ‘ activities, try not to forget that for them everything can be a play. Use games to transform your bath time in the show sings a song, or when brushing your teeth.
The healthy habits, start from childhood.

Updated on 07-08-2020

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