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7 Tips For Fitness While Traveling And On Vacation

by Tatiana Plesco
Tips For Fitness While Traveling And On Vacation

Traveling can sometimes be very stressful. Especially when we spend hours lifting and hauling heavy luggage. In the plane, train or car, we must sit motionless for hours. And on vacation, we have to sleep in unusual beds and have then gone on the wrong mattress.

For the back which is not at all a rest. Here are some tips for you that will help you during your vacation.

  • Take a large suitcase instead of using two smaller ones. Thus, the back is charged regularly. Even better is a backpack that can be individually adjusted. Wheeled luggage should have sufficiently long-handled, so you do not have to bend down while dragging.

  •  Enter the luggage as close to the body. The shorter the lever, the less power they have to use. Would you like to load a suitcase in the car, then make it right at the edge of the boot and slide it deep inside. Go with a heavy piece of luggage on your knees and lift it with a straight back.
  • Railway and boat trips are back far friendlier than airplanes and cars because you can move around while driving. Make a lot of breaks when you are traveling by car. This relieves the intervertebral discs.
    Railway and boat trips
  • Change the position during sitting as much as possible while driving. Even small changes relieve the spine, for example, if you have the possibility to be in the back seat of the car change your position as many times as possible.
  • Stretching and stretch yourself whenever possible. Particularly effective are isometric exercises where you work out the muscles against an imaginary resistance tense for thirty seconds and then relax. Examples: pressing palm against palm or hands under the thighs and upwards. Or whenever possible stop driving, go out of the car and make some stretching exercises. The exercises will increase the blood flow and your entire body and mind will benefit from it. Your concentration will increase.
  • Bed yourself with care: If you find a lumpy mattress, ask for a new room in the hotel. If necessary, you can simply place the mattress on a bed to give way to the floor. Don’t forget beds are important for a relaxed sleep otherwise, you will have back pain and bad sleep, and instead of being full of energy to explore the new places you will be tired and won’t be able to enjoy your trip. So, if you have never thought of the bedding it is time to do so.
    Relaxed Sleep
  • In the holiday try to make it traffic free and move as much as possible. This is good for the intervertebral discs and for the soul and of course, you will be able to pay attention to all the views that you will sure miss in a car. Cars are good no doubt, but most use traffic daily to go to work, to complete our activities. So spoil yourself in a place where you can walk, bathe, have fresh air. And you will return back from your trip energized and feeling like a newborn.

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