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7 Unusual Ideas For A First Date Several Inspiring Ideas

by Tatiana Plesco
First Date

When first making plans with a new potential date, it can always become a rather nerve-racking process, attempting to try to come up with the perfect date idea. A simple internet search can often lead to several uninspiring ideas that do not seem to come close to what the two of you may enjoy. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the usual dinner and a movie date angle, sometimes you just want something completely, out of the box different. This will, of course, depend upon the things you and your soon to be date enjoy, but here are some different ideas that nearly everyone is sure to enjoy!

  • Most areas are close enough located to a zoo that having a zoo day date could be both fun and different from what either of you is used to, in terms of first dates. Many zoos allow for re-entry so packing a picnic lunch to leave in a cooler in the car might be a nice break from what could be an otherwise busy day surrounded by crowds.
    zoo day date
  • Bring out the kid in both of you by enjoying one of these date ideas. Find an arcade to spend some time playing the games you may have enjoyed as an adventurous kid. Make it a competition, if you dare. Play laser tag, on the same team or even against each other. Go paintball shooting. Let go and don’t be afraid to be a little silly. Enjoy the afternoon of laughs with these carefree choices.

playing the games

  • Become a tourist in your own town. Visit the art museum, a botanical garden, a science center, or anywhere that is typically considered a touristy type attraction. Chances are it is not a place either of you frequently visit, which can make the experience all the better.Become a tourist in your own town
  • Learn something together. Take a class or lesson. Make it an art class, rock climbing lessons, dance class, cooking class. Something new to the both of you. It will give you a chance to view each other in a different light without the added stress of uncomfortable or awkward silences.Learn something together
  • Enjoy the animals. Go to a park and feed the ducks. Go horseback riding. Visit a petting zoo. Not only will it raise the “awe factor” that time with animals always brings, it will also give a chance for creating new and unique memories together.Enjoy the animals
  • Become one with nature. Depending on where you live, visit the beach, walk a trail, visit a state park, hike, visit the depths of a cavern, go for a bike ride through the city. No matter where you live, the opportunity to relax and enjoy a beautiful day together is sure to be a good thing. Bonus points if you get to watch the sunset together; this always feels a little more romantic!go for a bike ride in dating
  • Many bars often host Trivia Nights, which can always be plenty of fun. Not only does this type of date give you both the chance for a drink or two, it can also give you the opportunity to laugh and bond over your ability (or inability) to remember weird and otherwise mostly useless facts.Trivia Nights

This is just a relatively small list to give you a little insight into how easy finding something different and unique can be. First dates don’t need to cost a lot of money -most of these ideas are relatively inexpensive while still allowing for fun memories to be created. After all, sometimes thinking outside of the box gets you a little further.

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