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8 Health and Beauty Services That Are Worth Investing In

by Tatiana Plesco
8 Health and Beauty Services That Are Worth Investing In

Sometimes, you must spend some time and money to achieve a healthier and more beautiful you. The skills and expertise of health and beauty experts at a salon and spa will do wonders to your overall look and feel.

Health and beauty services like hair color, manicure, pedicure, and massage can be life changing in their own ways. Here are the eight beauty treatments you should consider getting because they are worth the investment.

1. Anti-frizz treatment

An anti-frizz hair treatment is a gentler option than other stick-straight hair care services, leaving your hair bouncy and frizz-free. It is an excellent way of caring for your appearance easily and practically. It also relieves the hair from repeated blow-dry and styling that can leave the hair dull and dry.

This 90-minute in-salon hair treatment often uses formaldehyde-free or healthy options to make your hair shinier and healthier. In addition to using keratin, it may also include glycolic acid and other components that coat the hair to give it a smoothing effect.

2. Lived-in hair color

8 Health and Beauty Services That Are Worth Investing In

If you want to update your hair color but do not want to visit the salon often for touch-ups, a lived-in hair color is your best option. This treatment refers to the gentle and subtle way of highlighting hair to make it appear more natural.

The colors you prefer will be strategically positioned to have a combination of both solid and light hues. As a result, you’ll get natural-looking, dazzling hair that needs touch-ups twice yearly instead of every six weeks. This hair treatment is very convenient and won’t subject your hair to harsh chemicals repeatedly.

However, you need to look for a hair colorist specializing in this type of treatment. You may also bring inspiration photos to convey the result you want to achieve clearly. Also, the treatment may take at least five hours to ensure gorgeous, naturally looking hair without lines of differentiation.

3. Eyelash extensions

Getting eyelash extensions is recommended for those with straight and sparse hair, who cannot withstand mascara, or for anyone who wants to look gorgeous at an upcoming event, such as a wedding.

With lash extensions,you can wake up each morning with the most amazing volume, length, and curls that are quite difficult to achieve if you have stubborn lashes. And since the lashes define your lash line, you won’t even have to wear eye makeup, which is a major time-saver. Best of all, lash extensions look real.

4. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting

Though everyone can benefit from an eyelash and eyebrow tinting service, it is highly recommended for those with thin brows, allergies to mascara, or anyone who hates filling in their brows or applying mascara daily.

Lash and brow tinting results in fuller-looking eyelashes or brows because the tint picks up each hair strand. Moreover, your lashes can appear lighter near the tips.

5. Permanent makeup tattoos

8 Health and Beauty Services That Are Worth Investing In

Having your makeup tattooed on can save you time, especially if you have thin, sparse brows or apply eyeliner daily. This beauty treatment employs a hair-stroke technique and micro-pigmentation to produce natural-looking results.

With the latest innovations in the health and beauty industry, permanent makeup is not as scary as the tattoos offered in the past decades. Also, the semi-permanent feature of the makeup allows you to adapt to the changes and trends with the times.

6. Facial

A facial is one of the in-demand treatments for spa-goers. This skin treatment cleanses pores, hydrates the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells, and treats several skin concerns. It is meant to boost your skin’s appearance, youthfulness and health. 

Today, there are different types of spa facials to select from. A regular facial helps maintain good skin health, leaving you with a radiant complexion. On the other hand, special facial services can boost skin elasticity, combat acne or dry skin ailments, or prevent the telltale signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging.

Some of the popular facial treatments include:

  • Firming – This treatment uses tightening skin gels to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Though regular treatment yields the best outcomes, a significant improvement is evident even after one session.
  • Hydrating – This facial increases your skin’s moisture levels. It involves the use of collagen-infused, nourishing lotions to eradicate dry and flaky patches on the skin and to hydrate the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Rejuvenating – This treatment aims to stimulate the production of collagen and the growth of skin cells. A pain-free, electric exfoliating brush can be used to get rid of dead skin.
  • Balancing – This facial helps regulate the oil production in your skin, which is a great help if you have a hormone imbalance. It is also ideal for those with blemish-prone or combination skin.

If you don’t know which type of facial is best for you, speak to the salon’s beauty expert for a recommendation. The best health and beauty spa will examine your skin first before suggesting a suitable facial treatment, even if you booked a different service.

7. Massage

Massage is another popular spa service that can benefit your health and wellbeing.

Some of the popular massages you can try include:

  • Swedish – This covers your whole body with firm strokes with little focused, deep work.
  • Deep tissue – This uses firmer pressure and includes focused work on tight and tired areas.
  • Aromatherapy – This uses essential oils for different purposes, including relaxation.
  • Hot stone – This uses heated rounded, smooth basalt stones to warm up your muscles. The stones are the extension of the therapist’s hand and can also be placed on your back, hands, and belly.

The best health and beauty spa offer customized massages to suit individual needs.

8. Gel manicure and pedicure

8 Health and Beauty Services That Are Worth Investing In

Your hands and feet can get a rough deal, especially if you work all day or are exposed to the elements. Getting a gel manicure and pedicure can give your hands and feet a beauty boost. It will give your nails a layer of protection to let your natural nails grow underneath.

Indulge in Some Self Care

Reward your hard-working mind and body with any of these eight health and beauty services once in a while. But before anything else, make sure to do your research. Find a reputable salon and spa, and make sure to get the services you need from an experienced and skilled health and beauty technician.  Getting one of these services while having a vacation in Doha, for instance, is also a smart idea to make your trip more rewarding. 

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