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8 Important Things You Need To Do After 8 Pm

by Tatiana Plesco
Important Things

Everyone is preoccupied with the morning routine. We each have a set of things that we do every morning as a ritual that we start our day, but not many of us have thought about a similar ritual.

Morning habits will always have to suffer if you don’t take care of your evenings. Hours before sleep dramatically affects the quality of sleep. Here some ideas of how you could improve the quality of sleep because the way we sleep affects our life the next day.
Most people spend their evenings pre-classical either in front of the Tv or on social networks, with a glass of beer in his hand and taking a bite. If I had to take, these behaviors are not at all surprising. Human beings have limited potential because of willpower daily mental energy to download during the day through every decision that we have to, be it large or small.
So it comes down to decision-making, fatigue in the evening because, until then, you’ve already got numerous decisions and have exhausted the limited resources of willpower. Fortunately, the antidote is routine decision-making fatigue.
When something is done in a routine way, we need a minimum amount of mental energy, since the decision has already been taken.
Unfortunately, on the other hand, establish a nightly ritual is more difficult than the one in the morning. In his book, “the effect of the compound,” the author Darren Hardy argues that the rituals in the morning and evening are like pillars of support you whole days. Without these pillars, life would be completely disorganized.

Here are some simple ways to organize his own routine in the evening.

1.  Remove everything from the outlet

Remove everything from the outlet with an hour or two before bed boundary between work and relaxation is increasingly unclear in contemporary world culture, multi-functional, when we are always connected to the network.
With so many phones, emails, text messages, and social networking, we forgot to stop and to live the moment. In addition, the use of electronic equipment is to affect our circadian rhythm.
social networking
No matter how impractical it would be for us, it is advisable to switch off electronic devices with an hour or two before going to sleep.
Studies have shown that the use of an iPad at maximum brightness for two hours may stop producing melatonin during the night, a hormone of the circadian system that is, in fact, the body’s internal clock. Melatonin signals the body that it is night, helping us make us feel tired with the coming series.
When this signal is delayed by external factors, such as light electronics, delays, and sleep. If you do this frequently for a long period of time, you can spoil the circadian system, which has negative effects on health.

2.  Eat the right thing

Eat the right thing, to measure you have been told that eating before bed too thin. This is not exactly so. On the contrary, a small snack before bed can help you sleep better without having to put extra pounds, but that’s only if you eat what you need.
Of course, if you used to eat potato chips, cakes or anything sweet before bedtime, the more likely that, over time, you will gain weight.
There is a physical explanation for this: If you eat dinner with a couple of hours before bedtime or you do physical activities, evening snack before sleep can help your blood glucose stabilizers along the station overnight. Blood glucose and hormones linked to it may be to stimulate or inhibit appetite and energy levels.
physical activities, evening snack
They also can thwart the efforts of your body to store or burn fat. If you have a low level of glucose in the bloodstream when you wake up in the morning, you will feel lethargic. In addition, low levels of glucose can make you wake up from sleep at night.
A teaspoon of honey taken as such or in tea will ensure an optimum intake of carbohydrates and will prepare the body to rest.

3. Save today and prepare for tomorrow

Save today and prepare for tomorrow at the end of each day, it is good to spend 5-10 minutes by analyzing its day has elapsed, recording (in the mind or in writing) what happened and making plans for the next day.
This will help you examine thoughts and feelings, to calm down the mind, to understand better and to be quieter and devoid of stress. If you write, always put the date (it is important for when you need the journal), don’t think too much, it won’t care if it’s stressed out, and, above all, be honest with yourself.
As most of the log, you will be tempted to register every detail, which could take some time, perhaps an hour. If you do this, you will get bored quickly and will stop after a few days. It’s much more efficient to write a little bit every day, capturing descriptional just the essentials of the day.
Soon you will have the whole notebooks full of memories from each day of your life. Before going to bed, it would be good to see what you have planned for the next day and even to visualize how it will be tomorrow.

4.  Spend time with your loved ones

Spend time with your loved ones being happy is a state and a continuous process of not letting the good moments to pass without notice and appreciate them. Nothing in life is permanent: children grow up, move to another city, dear people go their separate ways.
Spend time with your loved ones
It is important to appreciate the moments and the people closest to him before it’s too late. Don’t forget to spend beautiful moments with your loved ones. After a long and tiring day, watching as he often sits beside one another on the couch while we are busy with his phone, it is not just time spent together.
Human contact is beneficial, both at an emotional and physical. Induce oxytocin, the hormone of the bond, which reduces stress, increases the feeling of security and even reduces cortisol levels.
Below are some ideas that will help you to spend more time with your loved ones, even if you are very busy:
Plan in advance to coordinate agendas, and when you do, be specific, ‘ Let’s go to a movie/bike ride/ “rather than say” Let’s do something together. “
Leave the technology out of the way, put your phone away from you and focus your attention and energy towards the loved ones.
Listen carefully to communicate better. Don’t underestimate a short “thank you” or a greeting of “good night”.

5.  Pleasant Activities

 It can be difficult to find time for the things that will make pleasure and will break from the monotony of work. It’s very easy to give up on pleasant activities in our lives that are increasingly more occupied.
Often we are appreciated if you do not have other activities and we spend all your time working. But striking a balance between work and pleasure is the key to success and happiness.
To be serious and focused on work all the time can enlarge and finally, stress can lead to depression. We make time for relaxing and enjoyable activities can help your creativity and sense of gratitude, even if these activities are short, like going for a walk, to read, to plan a trip for the end of the week or to knit.

6.  Make the order desk

Do order through a shared practice successful business people is to make the order desk at the end of the day because nobody wants to return to work in the morning and find the clutter. So don’t last just a few minutes every night to make some order in the House before going to bed to wake up in a neat and tidy.
This will reduce stress and fatigue and decision-making, while at the same time, stimulates the positive energy in the morning, which is essential for maintaining happiness and balance along the whole days.
reduce stress and fatigue
We’re not talking about a good spring in every night. It’s enough to put all things in their places, wash the dishes and kitchen towel to change, to put in place or wash out the clothes that you wore today, to take you through the pockets and will not need to leave the bathroom clean before I go to sleep has.

7.  Send your love towards others

Send your love towards themselves and towards others is a very common practice to meditate lying in bed right before falling asleep. Take another deep breath and reflect on the love that you have for others and self. Not only reflect but also send with intent, positive energy to other people.
This will strengthen the bond between you. A similar practice is the evening prayer when satisfied with what you have and will pray for the welfare of others.
These practices increase the feeling of gratitude that we feel, and change for a better perspective on life, allowing you to see life from a different angle, while much is closer to people around who love.

8. Set a bedtime

A friend told me recently that wakes up early every morning, no matter what time you go to bed because getting up early helps you be more productive. But usually, the evening has too many things to do, kids, dog, and don’t get to go to bed at a decent hour.
Set a bedtime
These excuses do not mean that a lack of organization in daily life. Yes, things can be difficult. But who is aware of these problems will make conscious efforts to change their lives and to facilitate their success and well being.
Synchronizing with the natural cycle of the body’s sleep-wake (circadian rhythm) is crucial for a good night’s sleep. It’s very important to go to bed at the same time every evening.
By maintaining a regular sleep schedule, you will feel much more refreshed and energetic unless you are sleeping the same number of hours, but at different times. Changing the sleep schedule with an hour or two at the end of the week will immediately affect circadian rhythm.

Consistency is the key to a good nights sleep.

There was a time in which you have to go to bed. Each person e. Depending on the time you have to wake up for work and depending on the number of hours of sleep you need per night to function optimally, your best bet would be to sleep before 11 o’clock in the evening.
In conclusion, the evening routine is supposed to reflect the most important priorities in your life.
Actions speak more than words. Evening time for specific technologies and activities that will keep young or for the moments spent with your loved ones, you will find greater happiness and balance in life.
Updated By Tatiana Plesco 03.24.2019

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