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8 Power Nutrients That Make Your Skin Prettier From The Inside Out

by Tatiana Plesco
Power Nutrients

You are what you eat. You’ve heard that from anyone and everyone since you were little, right? Well, it just so happens to be true. It also means that beauty is about so much more than just killer make-up skills or blessed in the gene department. The kind of beauty that turns heads is nature’s way of identifying someone in good health who’s in the habit of making positive lifestyle choices. That said, healthy hair and nails, clear skin, or youthful good looks have a lot more to do with what you put into your body than you might realize. Naturally, clean eating and a health-conscious diet are musts. However, there are specific nutrients that pack more oomph than average when it comes to helping you put your most beautiful face forward. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most powerful ones and discuss how you can make sure you’re getting enough of each.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D valued for the critical role it plays in the absorption of calcium. Naturally, getting enough calcium is essential when it comes to keeping your bones healthy and active, but that’s not all Vitamin D brings to the table. Vitamin D has also healthful for beautiful skin. It can be used to help treat psoriasis and control related inflammation. It can also limit other forms of irritation that can stop your skin from looking less than its best. The best way to get natural vitamin D is proper plant-based nutrition( Portobello, Maitake, Morel, and Shiitake are the best kinds of fungus to source vitamin D)and some sun rays.

Vitamin D

Portobello, Maitake, Morel, and Shiitake mushrooms best source to find vitamin D

Vitamin C

If you’re like many people, you’re more than a little concerned about the effects aging might have on your good looks as the year’s roll by. You may even have tried your share of the anti-aging products out there on the market. What you may not be aware of is the fact that good old Vitamin C is a critical ingredient in the ones that make a noticeable difference. That’s because Vitamin C supports the synthesis of collagen, a key factor in skin’s ongoing elasticity. It also enhances the effectiveness of sunscreen, aids in the repair of skin damage, and helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles. 

  • Broccoli (81.2 mg per cup)
  • Pineapple (78.9 mg per cup)
  • Brussels Sprouts (74.8 mg per cup)
  • Bell Peppers (74 mg per cup)
  • Spinach (95.5 mg per bunch)

Vitamin A

If your skin is prone to the development of dark spots, then you know what it’s like to wish there was a go-to solution that would take care of them. Vitamin A to the rescue! When you make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin A, you’re helping your skin more effectively turn over cells and make short work of damage. Dark spots, blemishes, and other imperfections disappear more quickly. Skin is more transparent, more likely to maintain the even, creamy tone that so many of us are after. Pre-formed vitamin A exists only in animal products. There are about 50 carotenoids that the body can convert into vitamin A, with the most common being beta-carotene. Vitamin A measured in retinol activity equivalents (RAE).

Carrot juice has the highest number in one cup of RAE 2,256

Sweet potato 1/2 cup baked RAE 961

Butternut squash in 1/2 cup cooked, cubes hold RAE 572

vitamin d

Spend some time in the sun to get some vitamin D

Vitamin E

Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps purify your skin and makes sure it looks its best. It’s particularly helpful if your skin is prone to sun damage, and you’re looking to reduce the effects of such damage on your beauty. Precisely why it’s present in so many skin creams and why so many beauticians recommend making sure you get enough of it.Best natural sources to get vitamin E are:

Sunflower Seeds
Pine Nuts


If you’re after skin that is beautiful because of the way it glows from within, then you’ll want to make sure you’re getting enough biotin. Biotin helps your body regulate the metabolism of fatty acids. It also helps your system soothe irritation, repair damage, and combat dryness – all musts if you’re serious about achieving that youthful glow yourself. What’s more, biotin has the added benefit of helping your body generate healthier, stronger, shinier hair and nails, as well. Who wouldn’t be on board with that?

It’s in vegetables such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, and spinach, and many types of nuts and seeds.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps purify your skin and makes sure it looks its best


If you struggle with sensitive skin that’s prone to breaking out at the drop of a hat, then zinc is a nutrient you’ll want to get up close and personal. Zinc helps reduce the occurrence of acne flare-ups and breakouts by stabilizing your skin’s production of oil. It also helps your skin fight inflammation, scarring, and damage that may have occurred for any reason – all major concerns when it comes to looking at our very best.

Sources of zinc include beans, lentils, walnuts, cashew nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and quinoa.

Vitamin B3

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to beautiful skin is dehydration, especially as we get older. Vitamin B3 is a must when it comes to keeping skin hydrated, nourished, and balanced. It helps essential body enzymes function correctly, as well as ups your skin’s production of fatty acids and ceramides. Vitamin B3 has also been shown to help clear up blemishes, control acne, and reduce the appearance of redness. 

Plant-based sources of B3 : 

peanuts, quinoa, wild rice, sweetcorn, brown rice, and acorn squash.


Plant-based sources of B3  peanuts, quinoa, wild rice, sweetcorn, brown rice, and acorn squash.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is incredibly essential when it comes to maintaining your overall health. For instance, it helps aid your body’s natural blood-clotting process. It’s necessary when it comes to helping you heal after injury, surgery, and so forth. If you have issues with spider veins, stretch marks, dark spots, dark circles, or scars, Vitamin K can help get your skin on the road to healing at long last. It is in Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, broccoli, spinach, spring greens, spring onions.

Pairing a Healthy Diet with Supplements

It should go without saying that staying active and maintaining a balanced diet are musts when it comes to becoming and remaining you are most beautiful. However, even the most conscientious of us usually need a little help when it comes to making sure we get enough of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our body needs. That’s where adding beauty vitamins to your daily routine can help. Try a once-a-day beauty pack from a trusted supplier of Aja Vitamins. Each of their groundbreaking products features a blend of essential vitamins and nutrients that work perfectly together to detoxify, nourish, replenish, and more. Just order the combination designed with your personal beauty goal in mind, take one pack of vitamins each day, and that’s it. No guesswork, no fuss, and no-hassle! Just high-quality products you can trust with all of your health goals, beauty related, and otherwise. Try it today!

Updated 1/2/2020

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