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8 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dog Or A Cat

by Tatiana Plesco

They make us happy, help to keep ourselves fit and even help to lower blood pressure levels. In short, we will cite 8 reasons why you should get a pet and why is their presence so important in our lives.

  • Animals normalize heart function

An average patting of a cat or a dog lowers blood pressure. Pets promote relaxation; they help us to focus on the present, instead of nostalgia about the past or worrying about the future. Hugging furry friends, you get a charge of serotonin and dopamine – useful for the brain cells. The study, published in the Medical Journal of Australia,  proved that the owners of animals have lower cholesterol and triglycerides. 

  • Animals enhance immunity

Do you feel bad? Get a dog and pat him regularly. According to a study at Wilkes University, in this way you raise the level of immunoglobulin A – antibodies that fight the common cold. It is well known that social support directly affects the immune system and the body’s resistance to various infections and diseases. A friend who responds vigorously and joyfully to your appearance is the best way for lifting your immunity.


  • The pets make children kinder

Boys and girls, who have pets, grow more sensitive and sociable. These are the results of one of the Croatian research. The children learn to feed them, take them for walks and caring for the pet. In this way, children will develop educational skills that emerge in girls at play in the daughters and mothers. Also, they learn what responsibility is because the life of the animal depends on them.

The pets make children kinder

  • You sigh with relief

Of course, the animals make some people sneeze. But those who grew up with pets, the likelihood of developing asthma and allergies are much lower. How to explain this? Early exposure to allergens (dirt, pollen and animal hair), strengthens the immune system. It’s time to fulfil the request of the children have a kitten! You will be amazed how many benefits and how much joy this little furry friend will bring into your home.

  • You are forced to stay in good shape

A dog doesn’t let you skip the daily walks. Studies show that dog owners are in better physical shape than people who do not have pets. Dogs are amazing; even if you are not a fan of exercising but love dogs, for sure you will have a good shape. Just believe scientists on the word!

Dogs are amazing

  • They protect you

Dogs can soothe even the biggest panic maker. Scientists at Cambridge University proved that people that a walking with dogs worries less about a possible attack. Bigger – doesn’t necessarily mean better. All dogs have a very well developed sense of smell and hearing, so even the smallest dog feels very well the sense of danger. 

  • Animals help to forget about loneliness

Share your troubles with the cat? It turns out that this is quite normal. 50% of adults and 70% of the children trust the secrets to their pets. No matter what pet you have, dogs, birds or fish, you develop a sense of friendship, and you are gradually lured into a new relationship and no longer feel alone.


  • You will find new friends

With the discussion of pets, you can start any conversation. However, dogs take it to the next stage. Since they have no mechanism for social inhibition, they can literally pull you in friendship. For most of its normal to have closer relationships only with our neighbours. With the help of our furry friend, however, sometimes such a meeting can turn a lifetime.


Updated: 07.02.2018

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