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8 Vitamins Necessary For Women’s Health

by Tatiana Plesco

For a healthy diet, you need to avail vast carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Proteins help in building growth while fats help in improving transportation, digestion, and absorption of other nutrients. Carbohydrates help in producing glucose (a compound used for providing essential oxygen (energy). And last vitamins particularly helpful in providing a vast amount of energy. However, different vitamins offer different benefits. As some vitamins help in improving the power of eyes while other vitamins help in enhancing the functioning of the respiratory system. Modern day women not only perform household work but they also manage their activities of the office. Therefore, they require some essential vitamins for providing their best type of performance. Here are 6 necessary vitamins required by modern day women:

  • Vitamin B2

 Vitamin B2 is commonly riboflavin. This vitamin helps in strengthening the immune system. VitaminB2 enhances immunity by reducing numbness and avoiding anxiety or stress and fatigue (restlessness). Doctors particularly recommend this vitamin to people who want to boost their metabolism. Well, if you don’t consume a definite amount of vitamin b2, you can fail to maintain your metabolism and can get obese. In addition to this, you can also experience wrinkles on your skin, cracks on your lips and yellow color in your eyes, if you don’t avail sufficient vitamin b2. If you want to avail vitamin B2, you should eat cereals, almonds, yogurt, mushrooms, whole-grain foods, etc.

  • Vitamin B7

Like proteins, vitamin b7 is also used for maintaining growth and development of cells, tissues. Biotin (vitamin b7) is necessary for the growth of the cells, bones, and tissues. This vitamin provides health benefits by increasing synthesis of fatty acids. If you get this vitamin, you can keep your hair, glands, and skin healthy for longer periods. Moreover, vitamin b7 also helps in curing brittle nails and avoiding high cholesterols. The deficiency of vitamin b7 can cause anemia, rashes on the skin, hair fall problems and poor heart functioning. Some best foods that contain vitamin b2 include green leafy vegetables, soybeans, bananas, cheese, carrots, almonds, egg yolks, sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes.

  • Vitamin A

Certainly, you cannot forget the common vitamin – vitamin C. This vitamin has several antioxidant and anti-oxidative properties. Vitamin A helps in building teeth, bones, and mucous membranes. By  availing essential vitamin C, you can minimize the risk of

  1. Heart Problems
  2. Chronic Issues especially stresses
  3. Vision Impairment
The best foods that contain vitamin A are
  1. Papaya
  2. Broccoli
  3. Spinach
  4. Cantaloupe
  5. Guava

  • Vitamin B12

 If you want to improve your memory and avoid heart diseases, you must consume this vitamin. This vitamin not only improves metabolism but also increases synthesis of protein. Vitamin B12 is a great nutrient for enhancing cell division functionality. With this vitamin, you can cure depression (pressure or tensions) and maintain a healthy nervous system. Moreover, you can also improve your brain functioning by consuming this vitamin. The three common diseases occur that occur due to vitamin b12 deficiency include

  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Irritability

Forgetting vitamin b1, you should focus on eating meat, yogurt, cereals, cheese, fish meats, eggs, and fortified cereals.

  • Vitamin B6

 Here is another vitamin that helps in maintaining the immune system. This vitamin is also called pyridoxine.  This vitamin particularly helps in regulating hormones that help in avoiding heart diseases and depression-related problems. If you don’t take a definite amount of vitamin b6, you can also face anemia. For controlling your blood sugar level, you should also look for vitamin b6. Foods that are rich in vitamin b6 include bananas, fish, nuts, oatmeal, seeds, beans, etc.:
Vitamin B6

  1. This vitamin helps in regulating or maintaining the blood sugar level.
  2. If you are pregnant, you must eat foods by mixing b6.
  3. This vitamin also helps in avoiding morning sickness.
  • Vitamin B9

 Vitamin B9 is commonly known as the folic acid If you avail this vitamin, you can maintain your heart rate. Vitamin b9 also helps in avoiding Alzheimer’s depression and memory loss. You can improve your fertility consuming this fruit. Moreover, cancer and memory loss can also be avoided by the people. If you don’t concentrate on foods, you can face complications in your pregnancy. Some women have the power to experience fatal development programs while other find problems in maintaining the child. For acquiring vitamin b9, you need to eat green leafy vegetables, strawberries, melons, fortified grains, beans. Etc.

  • Vitamin D

This vitamin is known for increasing strength of bones and muscles. Vitamin D helps in absorbing fats that are required for synthesizing calcium. Vitamin D helps in minimizing pre-menstrual syndrome problems. With vitamin D, you can also avoid

  • Osteoporosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Eyesight problems
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and
  • Several types of cancers

Simply by exposing your body to sunlight for 10-12 minutes, you can fulfill your vitamin D requirements. Additionally, if you want to get vitamin D from foods, you should go for eggs, fishes, and milk.

  • Vitamin C

 The last and one of the important vitamins is vitamin C. The primary motive of vitamin c is to enhance the working of red blood cells. Improvement of red blood cells means more immunity. There remain no toxins, germs, and infections because of red blood corpuscles.  Therefore, vitamin C also helps in avoiding heart diseases and different types of cancer. By consuming necessary vitamin C, you can maintain your immune system for longer periods. Some best sources of vitamin C include

  1. Kiwi
  2. Strawberries
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Broccoli
  5. Peppers

Summing Up

Ladies, you need to avail some vitamins for staying fit and active. Vitamin B2 help in enhancing the immune system and help in avoiding wrinkles and cracks on the face. Vitamin B7 (biotin) is great for keeping the glands, skin, and hair healthy for the longer time. With vitamin A, you can you can strengthen your mucous membranes, bones, and teeth. Vitamin B12 is necessary for improving metabolism rate and maintaining weight. If you want to reduce anemia and depression problems, you should eat green vegetables and fortified grains that contain high vitamin b9 content. Through the help of vitamin D, you can avoid pain in your ankles, a disease known as arthritis. Vitamin C is known for enhancing the working of red blood cells that eliminate toxins, infections, and germs from the body. Therefore, include green vegetables, fruits and whole grains for fulfilling your vitamins requirements.

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