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9 Exercises You Must Do If You Want To Lose Weight

by Tatiana Plesco
Lose Weight exercises

The exercises mentioned below are aimed at helping you to lose weight easily.

  • Walking:

It is a low impact exercise which is highly effective in reducing weight, improving overall health and mental well-being. Ideal for obese as well as people with heart problems, walking burns calories every minute and you can even lose up to a pound per week with regular 45 minutes of walking each day.

  • Swimming:

Swimming tones your body and helps in weight loss. Being a low impact exercise, swimming conditions and strengthens your entire body. Ideal for people with obesity, arthritis, exercise-induced asthma, musculoskeletal problems etc, this exercise keeps you fit as it engages all muscle groups including back muscles, abdominal muscles, arms, glutes, hips, and legs.

  • Elliptical trainer:

This full body workout is a low impact exercise and provides a good upper body and lower body workout. You can choose the intensity levels in an elliptical machine, by raising and lowering the ramp and by going backward. This way, all muscles in your body get adequate exercise. This exercise can burn up to 600 calories per hour and is a great option for people with musculoskeletal conditions, obesity, arthritis etc as there is no risk of impact injuries.

Elliptical trainer
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  • Kettle ball:

They are cast iron balls that have a single handle. Since its weight is not evenly distributed, your body has to work in order to stabilize itself by counterbalancing the weight of the ball. You can burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes and strengthen the core, exercise all major muscles, improve balance and stabilize muscles. It increases body metabolism and burns calories faster. You need to maintain a correct form while doing this exercise in order to avoid injury.

  • Running:

This exercise burns up to 600 calories per hour and assists in building strong bones, build connective tissues, increases heart pumping at a healthy rate and prevents heart disease, cancers, and certain strokes. Interval training or short spurts of running can burn a lot of calories in a short span of time, improve body metabolism and increase muscle mass. This high-impact exercise may damage joints, so seek professional help and buy the right running shoes to keep you in good health.

  • Cycling:

This low impact exercise is ideal to lose weight fast. It can burn from 372 to over 1100 calories per hour based on your speed and weight. Strength is your lower body and is a good cardiovascular workout. It also stimulates endorphins and improves body metabolism.


  • Tennis:

It can burn up to 600 calories per hour, by just running after balls. It is a whole body workout that improves flexibility, improves balance and posture and reduces stress. It exercises abdominal and leg muscles and helps to burn calories and build strength. It also promotes good bone health.

  • Cross fit:

This is suitable for regular exercisers who have been doing high-intensity exercises at least for a couple of months. It includes weight lifting, plyometrics, endurance exercise, speed and strength training etc. It is an intense fat burning workout that improves flexibility and good cardiovascular health. Highly effective in burning calories, this exercise improves stamina and endurance and good metabolism.

Cross fit

  • High-intensity interval training:

It takes only 20 minutes of exercise three times a week to burn a lot of calories and to improve body metabolism. They are short and intense spurts of activity followed by low-intensity exercise and then rest. Only recommended for regular exercises, this exercise is good.

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