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9 Things Every New Mom Would Want to Know about Breastfeeding

by Tatiana Plesco

Likely that any pregnant woman has heard that breastmilk is the best for her child. Specialists in breastfeeding exclusively recommend breastfeeding in the first six months of life, and then as a supplement to a year or even more. Mother’s milk is preferable for milk powder for many reasons. There are, however, a controversy on this subject.

Any mother who wants to make the best choice for her baby should know these 9 things about breast milk:

1. Breast milk is not food; is an elixir.

Nowadays both doctors and health experts highlight important nutritional aspects of breastfeeding. Breast milk is not only a food; It is, in fact, a very strong human tissue-an elixir made from a complex of nutrients, hormones, bioactive molecules, ancient microorganisms and thousands of other still unknown compounds (or undiscovered).

Breast milk

By comparison, powdered milk contains only 9 compounds.

2. Breast milk is still a mystery.

The entire human genome has been deciphered on sequences with more than 10 years ago, but still don’t have a clear idea about the breast milk. Recently, a group of researchers used a new type of molecular analysis to examine a single category of components of breast milk, protein, and have found that there are over 1,600 of distinct kinds!

Here’s a simplified version of the findings emanating from these bright minds in the field of lactation: ‘ we do not know all that breast milk contains. I don’t fully understand how the thousands of components affect the baby’s development. We need more research in this regard.

3. There are many risks associated with feeding the baby milk powder.

Infant feeding with milk powder is considered dangerous especially in third world countries, where water may be contaminated.  But even in developed countries — where breastfeeding is promoted for its benefits-it has been scientifically proven that there are risks associated with milk powder. For infants, they include a higher incidence of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, obesity, diabetes type 1 and 2, leukemia and sudden death syndrome.

baby milk powder

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4. Breastfeeding in public is supposed to be legal.

Maybe you did not know-but public breastfeeding is legal in most Western countries, or is not regulated in any way. In the United Kingdom, for example, has been proclaimed by law as breastfeeding in public is not looked upon discriminatory, while in Romania the topic is still taboo, there is no provision for or against breastfeeding in public.

There are, of course, negative reactions to the mothers natural breastfeeding their children in public, but the problem is that authorities have not covered this quite clearly. In Taiwan, for example, starting with 2010 apply fines for those who are trying to chase the mothers breastfeeding in public places.

5. Breast is not a sexual organ.

Why is everyone so offended by the idea of breastfeeding in public? No doubt, because the breast is associated with sex. But the breast is not a sexual organ; It is not directly involved in reproduction (as sperm or ova).

The mammary glands are categorized as a secondary identification feature of sex-their biological purpose is to differentiate males and females and to signal sexual maturity of a potential breeding partner. (In addition to other features of this type: the hair on the body, and the Adam’s Apple.)

6. Over time, there are people who remember that they were breastfed.

In the West, breastfeeding for over 1 year is called ‘ extended breastfeeding. But anthropological evidence shows that in the early history of humanity mothers used to wean their children around the age of 2½ to 7 years even — and this was happening until around 1880. There are places in the world where breastfeeding is still extended. It is said, then, the question, if people should have memories related to breastfeeding? And if you haven’t, this affects them in some kind of emotional development?

extended breastfeeding

 7.  Not all doctors know a lot about breastfeeding.

In the past, mothers and grandmothers would ostensibly give advice with regard to breastfeeding. But now, most of us resort to specialists in obstetrics and Pediatrics for advice and guidance. But the surprise: doctors do not learn anything about nursing in schools of medicine-no breastfeeding technique.

If your family doctor/pediatrician is not a consultant on breastfeeding, then it is better to consult a specialist accredited to guide you and to give you the advice you need.

8. There are no tests about the normality of breastfeeding.

It is estimated that only between 1 and 5% of women cannot physically produce breast milk, and however, the problem of insufficient milk is almost one in malarious: a recent survey, approximately 50% of the mothers interviewed had motivated termination of adaptation with the small volume of milk.  Unfortunately, there are no methods for testing the functionality of your breasts.

According to experts on breastfeeding, nursing mothers should receive the same medical attention that one gets on any other organ in the body.

9. The controversy ‘ nipple ‘ is one artificial.

In the West, more and more women begin to breastfeed their children — but half of them get to quit partially (filling with milk powder/formula) or total in just a few weeks. Is it about so-called controversy ‘ or ‘ nipple?  To look at things from a wider perspective: our society is not prepared to support mothers. And among gaps include a lack of information and scientific evidence about one of the most vital human biological processes, the absence of nurses specializing in lactation, the right to breastfeed in public and in some countries- paid maternity leave, among many other issues.

Many mothers admit their ignorance regarding this issue so important in the life of their child, but once acquired a few basics, things can stay different for their daughters.

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