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A Nature Lover’s Guide To Sustainable Hair Care

by Tatiana Plesco
Hair Care

Healthy hair isn’t a one day miracle. To ensure that your hair is damage free, you need to know your products well and see if it really suits your hair type. The cosmetics market is full of products that claim to be unbeatable and guarantee gorgeous looking hair, but often end up doing the exact opposite. As far as hair care is concerned, every step you take towards it should be balanced and reasonable.

While organic hair products are a hot topic, you cannot neglect their contribution to the hair’s health. Sustainable products are magic for a reason as they cut down the use of synthetic products and are derived from the goodness of nature. So if you’re a nature lover looking to curb your damaged hair, maybe we’ve got something for you.

The Hair Care Guide

Hair care isn’t some rocket science. It’s just a series of small generous acts you do for your hair, and that’s it. Shampoo well, Condition well, Oil up your hair and massage, use good products that don’t harm your scalp and hair and voila! You’re good to go. But…it doesn’t end here. Picking up the right methods and combining it with suitable products is the key to healthy hair. Curious to know more? Well, delve into this article.

1- Use Lukewarm or Cold water to wash your hair

Hair Care

Washing your hair with hot water is a big NO! Hot water has a tendency of dehydrating your hair, taking away the natural oils and moisture. Use lukewarm water before applying a shampoo or conditioner as it helps better penetration of the products into the scalp, cleansing and conditioning it efficiently. You can switch back to the cold water to rinse the products off your hair as it helps keep the moisture locked in and seals back the cuticles.

2-Shampooing your hair gently 

Before you start anything, make sure you wash your hair gently and keep your scalp clean. Amidst all the pollution and work we often forget to ensure whether our hair is clean or not. While wash days solely depend on your hair care routine and the greasiness, washing your hair once in every 4-5 days is essential. Keep in mind that frequent washing can unnecessarily suck off extra moisture from your hair that in return will make your hair dry and frizzy. So in accordance with the condition of your hair, set up your hair wash days. Make sure you focus the shampoo on your scalp only rather than the lengths.

Looking for some eco-friendly alternatives? Using Shampoo Bars is as easy as using Soap Bars. Just replace your body with hair and Soap with Shampoo. You can either lather up the Shampoo Bars in your hands and then apply the product in your hair or choose to directly use it. The choice is simply yours. You can decide the amount of products and strokes depending on your hair. Since the Shampoo Bars are made with natural ingredients, they won’t lather up much like liquid shampoo. But would last longer than 3 bottles of liquid Shampoos, making it travel efficient.

Hair Care

3-Deep Conditioning your Hair

Nothing works magic like a genuine conditioner and for people with frizzy and dry hair, they know what I’m talking about. Conditioners have the power of making your dull hair more manageable and add some shine to it, making it smoother with every wash. Conditioning your hair after Shampooing is like a magical spell you should be well versed with. Conditioners are made for your hair lengths and nor scalp. So apply them accordingly, focusing on the lengths, and more just above the ends.

Conditioner bars are infused with essential oils and moisturising butters that curb damaged and lifeless hair. Conditioner Bars are similar to Soap Bars and work in similarity. After cleansing your hair with the Shampoo, take the Conditioner bars and use it directly on your hair, focusing more on the ends. Like Shampoos are designed for your scalp, conditioners are designed to moisturise and nourish your hair strands. The hair ends are old hair so they require more nourishment. If ample amount of care is not provided to, they begin to get damaged immensely, making way for split ends and eventually bidding goodbye to long hair.

4-Use Cotton T-shirts instead of Towels

We all know that Towels seems like the correct way to dry up your hair because why not? We’ve all been using it to dry out hair and body. But what if I told you it might not be the most appropriate way for your hair? Instead of using towels, try using a soft Cotton T-Shirt to squeeze out extra water from your hair because they are gentler than towels and avoid any breakage.

5-Naturally dry your Hair

We know that you love blow drying your hair because it makes your hair look flawless and adds volume. But excessive use of heat styling tools, blow dryers or straighteners, will suck your hair off its natural oils and damage it immensely. Therefore it’s better to limit your heat styling for special occasions and air-drying your hair after washing it. Pat dry your hair with a Cotton T-Shirt and let it naturally dry.

6-Use a Leave-in Hair Mask

Hair masks are an amalgamation of conditioners and serums. Leave-in hair masks do not need to be washed off. They’re applied as serums and make your hair more manageable. The leave-in hair mask penetrates deep into your scalp and provides the essential nutrients needed for your hair. It not only smoothens rough texture, softens frizzy hair but also provides high shine to dull, limp hair. 

Hair Care

7-Using Wide-toothed Bamboo Wood Combs

Using narrow toothed combs on your hair might not be the best way to detangle your hair. The most pressure you apply, the more your hair gets prone to breakage. The best way is to use a wide toothed comb and be gentle to your hair. Start from the ends and move upwards and you begin to detangle. Bamboo combs are a great alternative to plastic combs because they are naturally made and gentler than plastic ones. Not only are they beneficial for your hair’s health, but are also a sustainable option.

8-Use Scrunchies instead of elastic rubber bands

Using velvet or silk scrunchies might be a great step towards your healthy hair. They are gentler than elastic bands and do not pull your hair like elastic ones. They glide more easily through your hair when you try to take them off. The material of the cloth makes them effective enough to avoid kinks even if you use them to tie up your hair. And the best part, they’re so cute that you could match them up with different outfits to add a little adorable factor.

9-Don’t always tie your hair up in a Ponytail

Pulling your hair up in a Ponytail might be a very convenient way of carrying your hair in a sleek style. But it’s not always good for your hair strands. Wearing your hair in the same high and pulled up might cause stress in the same spot, making your hair brittle. It not only causes hair breakage but also begins affecting your hairline. So instead of always carrying a high Ponytail, try switching between high and sleek style and low and messy style. 

10-Trim your split ends

Split ends are a nightmare for every person who dreams of carrying long and healthy hair. With all the care, sometimes they seem inevitable. For better hair growth, it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible. Split ends not only put a full stop to your hair growth, but also degrade the quality of hair. So as soon as you start seeing split ends, instead of trying to treat them, get them trimmed off and start moisturising the ends.

Hair Care

11-Protect your hair before heat styling 

While it might be a little difficult to cut off the heat styling methods from your life, it’s better to at least protect your hair before putting in all the heat. Me may try to prevent heat styling, but often there are occasions when we like transforming our hair completely. So if you’re up for heat styling, make sure you get your hair ready. Use a good heat protectant before straightening, curling or blow drying your hair to ensure that your hair is protected from all the excessive heat.

12-Avoiding heat styling tools

We all love heat styled hair, especially the ones who have naturally dry and frizzy hair. For us, these tools are no less than a blessing. But excessive heat styling can damage your hair to such an extent where it might seem impossible to alter the natural oils and moisture. So instead of completely relying on your heat styling tools every time you step out, maintain a  certain distance from them. Look out for occasions where you would need styling tools and for the ones where you could comfortably carry your natural hair look. Once you start doing it, make sure you keep moisturising your hair and make it prepared for further heat styling sessions and cut down much of the damage.

13-Protect your hair from sun exposure

Another damaging factor that you might not be aware of is the Sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays has the tendency of damaging your cuticles, making your hair brittle, frizzy and loaded with split ends. It also results in discolouration and thinning of hair strands. One of the easiest and most convenient ways of protecting your hair is using hats or caps. It not only graces your look but also protects your hair from getting damaged.

14-Hydrate your hair with Serums or Oils

Serums are lightweight liquid-based treatments usually formulated using silicones that provide a protective layer over the hair fibre, assisting in smoothing frizz. It has become an essential part of the hair care regimen to make your hair more manageable. Serums don’t weigh down your hair so they can be used frequently to make your hair look tidy. The serums are designed to help detangle your hair easily and prevent hair breakage. Using serums is very easy. Take a generous amount of products on your hand and apply it all through your hair. You can even choose to massage your scalp for better penetration. Style according to your wish and you’re good to go. 

With the right oiling schedule, hair can be made stronger, cutting down hair fall and promoting hair growth. Be it Moroccan Argan Hair Oil or Ginger Hair Growth Oil, the decency of the products have been winning hearts for their effectiveness. The use of oils completely depends on how you want to carry your hair. You can apply a few drops of oil after washing your hair and applying the conditioner or you can choose to increase its use as per your needs. The frequency of applications can be decided on your own. You can use the oil upto 3-5 times a week for better results.

While Hair Care might seem like an enormous task, it’s actually just basic. Just make sure you’re well versed with these basics of Hair Care and wait for some magic to happen. Be patient enough because no regimen can show results in just a day or two. Give enough time and be consistent with your routine and you’ll surely be happy with the results!

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