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Afraid Of Loneliness

by Tatiana Plesco
Afraid of loneliness

One should not be afraid of loneliness. You will not be happy in a relationship if, first of all, until you don’t learn to be happy even when you are alone! The beginning of this article is urging and I felt I have to write it. Many women are afraid of loneliness, I feel that not even one person can do without future plans, that their world is not complete without the other half with whom to wake up every morning. In my opinion, women should learn that it is far better to be alone than to be involved in a relationship is harmful and brings pains. Suffering shouldn’t have a place in anybody’s life. 

  • The secret to feeling comfortable with yourself

Actually, the secret is to feel comfortable with what you are and what you want, not just in a relationship but, in general, in life. You must be priority number one for yourself and you have to learn that no matter how much interest will show those around in listening to your sorrows, at the end of the day there will be you and your thoughts, nobody else. Keep around you only the people, from whom you can learn and with whom you can grow and develop. Try to avoid surrounding yourself with negativity.

  • Do not give deadlines

Do not insist that you have to find a partner, in such conditions will only make unfortunate choices. There’ll be a good partner unless before relying on that person, you can rely on yourself regardless of the situation. And never throw yourself the arms of first coming opportunity to do so. Trust, respect, and love are the base of a lasting and healthy relationship. A woman must fight and no to wish, under any circumstances, let the bar down. It’s all about standards.

  • Reasons for enjoying solitude

 The fact that you are not distracted by anything else means you have more e time to reflect and to become creative. Being alone with your thoughts is a great exercise to see beyond a square box, which is necessary for artistic expressions. Although it is believed that loneliness can be a cause of depression, studies have found that loneliness can reduce depression in adolescents. Loneliness is a beneficial time to devote more time to you yourself and to breathe fresh air. In addition, it is a good time to reflect on your relationships with people and the life course, so you can decide exactly what you want. Imagine that you can do things that really excite you. You can relax, you can see a movie alone, you can read without taking into account the preferences of someone else and you take advantage of the freedom. You can meet with old friends, you can make new knowledge, and self-esteem will grow. You must learn to trust yourself and feel good about yourself. A time spent in solitude can improve concentration and academic performance. So, you have no reasons to be upset that you’re alone, take advantage of this period, you know better and increase your self-esteem.

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