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Amazing Ways To Improve Metabolism

by Tatiana Plesco

In this 21st century, everyone looks for ways that help in increasing metabolism rate. It is because higher metabolism offers so many health benefits. In addition to losing weight, you can also avail higher energy, eliminate toxic waste and avoid diseases. You can also improve your heart rate and enhance your cardiovascular system. Many people follow methods but only a few become successful by increasing their metabolism. Not only foods but activities also affect the metabolism. Here are some wonderful ways to which you improve your metabolism.

  • Drink Chamomile Tea (Green Tea)

Chamomile Tea

Green Tea contains several types of antioxidants such as catechins. These antioxidants not only help in eliminating toxins but also help in putting out fat from cells and tissues. Moreover, antioxidants also increase the liver’s capacity to convert energy from fats. A recent survey exclaimed that people who drank at least five cups of a green day every day while performing workouts burnt more calories than people who performed exercises without tea. With green tea or chamomile tea, you can achieve a very high metabolism rate. So, you need to select green tea over coffee and consume it on regular basis.

  • Eat Carbs

Eat Carbs

Carbohydrates are a great type of nutrients for increasing energy and metabolism. Most professionals suggest carbohydrates-rich foods to patients which weight problems. Although, you can consume carbs at all times in a day. But, it is better to eat them before getting sleep. Because by eating carbs before sleep, you can store them as fat. This fat helps in increasing thermogenesis, compounds known for burning pretty higher calories. Additionally, you can control your blood sugar levels by eating carbs in the night time. In comparison to daytime carb eaters, nighttime carb eaters lost more body fat, a statement provided by professionals.

  • Eliminate Drinks

If you have a habit of drinking sodas and drinks, you need to stop it not. In spite of having no calories, sodas and drinks cause problems in maintaining weight. Actually, drinks and beverages increase the sugar level. And, you would be aware of the fact that high sugar causes vast health problems. By consuming drinks, you can develop obesity and other metabolic problems. So, you need to consider fat-free drinks as healthy drinks.

  • Get Better Sleep

Well, I know it is not pretty easy to get an effective sleep in this modern age. The personal and professional life issues create a lot of stress or anxiety. The pressure to avail success in the life does not allow human beings to sleep for a decent number of hours. Physicians say that you cannot boost your metabolism without enough sleep. According to them, a body under stress fails to secret higher secretion of cortisol, a hormone associated with metabolism rate. Even if you are taking naps, still you achieve problems in improving your metabolism. For maintaining metabolism, you need to take consistent sleep for definite hours.

For achieving better sleep, you should lower the temperature of your room

  1. You should try to sleep for at least 8 hours.
  2. You should perform some exercise in the daytime.


  • Drink High-Fat Milk

Drink High-Fat Milk

It is a very good habit to avail calcium from several dairy products. Higher calcium carbonate level helps the body to metabolize fat inaccurate and effective manner. Milk is considered as one of the best dairy products that have higher calcium content. You can also avail vitamins and other nutrients by consuming milk. Unlike fats present in other foods, fats that are available in milk do not cause any side effects. You should drink high-fat milk at least 2 times every day.

  • Increase The Duration

Increase the duration of exercise

Even if you have the habit of performing an exercise, you can acquire failure in improving your metabolism. Just by performing exercises for shorter periods, you can not avail better results. For increasing metabolism and losing weight, you need to increase the time limit for performing exercises. Whether you select running, walking or any other cardiovascular workout, you should increase intervals

  1. You should increase the interval rate while performing exercises
  2. You need to increase force and intensity by about 60 seconds interval
  • Avail Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids provide vast health benefits. They help in controlling blood sugar level and improving the heart rate. These things are necessary for regulating or increasing metabolism. Omega-3 fatty acids are great for inhibiting the secretion of a hormone called leptin that is associated with the fat burning rate. For availing necessary omega-3 fatty acids, you can fish for salmon. If you are vegetarian, you can go for walnuts and oil. Flaxseed oil alone contains huge omega-3 fatty acids. Doctors and physicians recommend 1500 to 2,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids every day. This can be achieved by focusing on eggs and fishes

  • Consider Weight-Training

 In addition to low-impact workouts, you should also perform high-intensity exercises. You should also focus on building your muscles. Muscles help in utilizing energy and regulating metabolism. A recent study showed ladies or women who performing 25-30 minutes of strength-training for 3 months lost around 100 calories in a day. They achieved a very high metabolism rate. This activity reduces the use of thermostat for maintaining their weight. Well, you can also perform strength training exercises such as squats, push-ups at your home. You only need to hire a professional and follow his/her tips.

Final Verdict

There are many ways in which you can regulate your metabolism and maintain fitness. You can consume green tea that contains anti-oxidants known for eliminating free radicals. Or You can perform low impact exercises for longer durations. With this, you can achieve higher oxygen and maintain your metabolism. Then, you can drink high-fat milk that offers calcium and vitamin C, the nutrients that provide pretty high energy. After that, you should sleep for at least 8 hours. With proper sleep, you can regulate hormone and avoid diseases such as high blood sugar, high cholesterols etc.You can also avail omega-3 fatty acids(by eating fishes) for maintaining your weight. According to your preference, go for specific activities to improve your metabolism.

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