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Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron Tell The World Not To Eat Meat

by Tatiana Plesco

Director James Cameron together with Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California, former movie star and former bodybuilder omnivore, we draw attention to the fact that greenhouse emissions from livestock are higher than all other pollutant emissions means of transport from one place.

Cameron, vegan from 2011, and Schwarzenegger, intensive meat for a long period of life, to promote now together with a plant-based diet.
The two supports China’s new directive, requiring residents to reduce meat consumption to prevent diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
heart disease

Schwarzenegger says he feels fantastic and we urge them to not leave us fooled by the idea that we need to be strong. He also says that: “less meat, less heat, more life.” The ‘ True ‘ Activist looks as follows: in accordance with the documentary ‘Cowspiracy‘, intensive animal husbandry and their emissions releases at least 32000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, meaning that 51% of all gas emissions greenhouse effect. If you would use for agriculture, pastures for feeding people instead of being used to feed cows, world hunger could be held in check, and the large quantities of methane produced by the animals (a gas 25-100 times more destructive than CO2 in over 20 years) could be reduced.

It all starts with the choices you make at the individual level. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to eat healthily and to choose to become vegetarians. We can buy burgers vegans or we do at home, no matter what we choose, there are many ways in which we can eat what we like and, at the same time, doing a big favor.
burgers vegans
Schwarzenegger gives very good advice: ‘ you have to start with baby steps, you cannot convince people to give up all of a sudden the meat. It is a great challenge, which does not mean that it should not be assumed, or you do not have to be part of this campaign, but it is something that is hard to give up.
“You don’t have to be hard and definitely can be a satisfying choice in terms of taste. Arnold Schwarzenegger entered and in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society in an effort to increase awareness about the poaching.
It’s not that it is or is not good to eat meat.
The question that arises regarding the consumption of meat is that it comes from animals reared, is related to the way in which meat products are processed and how they are cooked.
There are many good reasons for you to give up meat or diminish its consumption. Whatever the decision, we do not encourage the animal cruelty and make choices that support humane treatment of animals face. Be an informed consumer.

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