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Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends For Hair And Makeup

by Tatiana Plesco
Beauty Trends For Hair

The trend that ruled the roost in autumn /winter 2014 is eye makeup. Liquid latex applied on the eyelids and extra long false lashes were hot styles that were picked by the season’s catwalk ramps. Here are some hot trends observed in 2014.

  • Lashes:

Extra long false lashes were very popular as well as clumpy and clogged mascara. The Paris shows were more inclined towards the no-mascara look.

  • Flashy colors:

Blue eye makeup in shades of sapphire, cerulean, azure and cobalt was a huge hit this season. Apart from that purple, fuchsia, orange, teal, and lime too joined the ranks.

  • Shade and light:

Highlighters and taupe eyeshadows were hugely popular during shows and they were combined with the right amount of shading, illuminating and contouring to bring the focus to natural light and shade of the face to create the perfect neutral makeup look.

Shade and light

  • The ultimate sweeping fringes:

The flattened side parted styles were widely seen as well as hair swept over foreheads of models.

  • Plaits:

Knotted Plaits and more wearable plaited pigtails were hot styles this season. Other trends include woven ponytails and braided buns.


  • The Ballerina look:

To perfect this look, hair was worn in ballerina buns and faces were brightened up with nude, taupe and lilac shades. Off-duty, Dance hair was also hugely popular as well as hair scraped back to form subtle chignons.

  • Glamorized precious metals:

Silver shadow and glittery eyelids other metallic makeup were seen in abundance. But these looks were limited to runways.

  • Creativity in eyes:

Liquid latex on eyelids and graphic blocks of black were a hot trend sported by models and eyeshadows applied like the brush stroke of an artist was also seen. Painterly beauty looks were recreated this season.

  • Kohl-lined eyes:

Straight hair combined with kohl-lined eyes inspired by cult heroines was prominent during ramp walks and it flaunted the cool girl attitude. After eyes were paired up with carefully scraped up hair. Kohl-lined eyes gave the school girl look.

  • No makeup trend:

This look is here to stay and the slightly masculine type of no makeup look was hugely popular. This look needs healthy and glowing skin, minimal effort hair, and neat brows to complete the look.

Updated on 06-08-2020

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