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How To Avoid Pains And Injuries During Exercises

by Tatiana Plesco
Avoid Pains And Injuries During Exercises

Are you a beginner? You need to know some tips before starting exercise programs. Whether you perform low-intensity running or high-intensity push-ups, you need to be aware of some precautions for avoiding strains and injuries. Not only beginners but some professionals also make various mistakes in their fitness and workout programs. Even by spending 5 years in exercises, you cannot become perfect and perform workouts without certain precautions. You need to be conscious before, during and also after workouts. For acquiring success from exercise programs, you need to select right exercise machines and perform right exercises. In this article, I have shared some wonderful tips for avoiding pains and injuries during workouts:

  • 1. Be Aware of Your Body

Before starting workouts, it is very important to know your body’s limitations. If you have knee or ankle problems, you should never run on a treadmill use ellipticals or perform bench presses. If you have a bad back, back stretches are not right exercises for you. With a weak wrist, you cannot perform weightlifting. If you perform these exercises when caught with several problems, you will face additional injuries. Instead, you should try other activities that do cause much harm. Go for a stationary bike or walk for 10-15 minutes in the backyard. Choose exercises that suit your body and your health.

  • 2. Have a Proper Warm-Up and Cool-Down

Even if you perform high-intensity workouts, you can acquire several health benefits without a proper warm-up and cool-down. The warm-up is required for preparing the body for different activities. It raises the body temperature and provides sufficient energy for performing exercises. Whether you choose squats or deadlifts, you can perform them accurately with a proper warm-up. It is up to, whether you want to ride an exercise bike or jump rope for increasing your heart rate. Proper cool down is necessary for utilizing the oxygen and energy required for performing other daily life activities. It is important for recovering your body for next challenges. Simple walking for 8-10 minutes is a wonderful way to cool-down.

  • 3. Hire a Professional

If you are a beginner, you certainly need a professional. With a professional, not only you can learn about fabulous exercises, but you can also learn methods for performing them. You can know which exercises are best for you and which are not. You can learn which diet you should consume for acquiring best benefits from workouts. They tell about clothes and footwear to be worn during exercises. Only professionals can decide that you are fit for high-intensity interval training. Under their guidance, you would certainly not face pains and injuries. However, if you still acquire some injuries, that must be because of your mistakes. Start exercise programs by selecting professionals who spent at least 5 years in workout field.

  • 4. Vary Your Workout Pattern

Do you know by performing same exercises again and again, you can face injuries and strains? Actually, by working joints and ankles twice or thrice in a week leads to negative results. So, you need to change your exercise pattern. You need to make a workout program that includes cardio activities and high-intensity activities. If you go for walking/jogging for first 2 days, you should perform swimming for next 3 days and perform push-ups or planks for last 2 days. You need to work all your body muscles. Along with the lower body, the upper body also needs a specific workout. Well, if you want additional health benefits, you can play a sport like a football/a hockey or engage in bike riding/mountain climbing. If you go in this way, you would never face injuries in your workout programs.

  • 5. Avoid Over-training

It is a better idea to train the upper and lower body muscles regularly. But, it is a bad idea to train them in very fast manner. Trying too much extra always lead to negative results. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to repeat same muscle movements. With same workouts and exercises, you can make yourself prone to tendinitis, shin splints, muscle soreness and what not. If you performed weight-lifting yesterday, you need to run on a treadmill today. Nevertheless, you need to take proper rest during workouts. Before starting next workout, you need to recover oxygen and energy from your previous workout. Make a proper plan and then perform workouts to acquire health benefits without pains and injuries.


Anyone can face pains and injuries during workout programs. It can be a faulty exercise machine or wrong exercise method that causes strains. So, you need to consider several things during workout programs. Before starting the workout program, you need to know your body’s limitations. Your exercise must begin with a warm-up and end with a cool down. You need to perform exercises that work your upper as well as lower body. You should take proper rest in between your workouts. Follow proper precautions and acquire several health benefits without pains and injuries.

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