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Awesome Desserts For Summer Entertaining

by Tatiana Plesco
Awesome Desserts For Summer Entertaining

Are you planning to throw a summer party or hosting a backyard barbeque? Well, impress your guests with these great desserts to ensure that your party ends on a sweet note. Here is a compilation of some of the best dessert ideas for a summer party. Make sure to use fresh seasonal fruits to make your desserts a true success.

  • Plum upside-down cake:

This cake is an extremely delicious dessert made of ripe and juicy plums.

  • Blueberry Tart:

Blueberry Tart

This mouthwatering and elegant dessert uses frozen puff pastry with lemon infused cream cheese filling.

  • Mint chip Ice cream pie:

Mint chip Ice cream pie

This dessert is a no-bake pie that comes with a crispy crust made of melted chocolate with rice cereal. It has to be frozen till it becomes firm.

  • Raspberry ice:

Raspberry ice

This super simple dessert is a pure delight and all you have to do is mix pureed raspberries with sugar syrup and freeze it.

  • Blackberry crumb cake:

Blackberry crumb cake

This crunchy sweet berry cake comes with a topping of brown sugar and pecans and forms an outstanding dessert idea for a summer party.

  • Ice cream with honey poached apricots:

Ice cream with honey poached apricots

Scoop out some plain vanilla ice cream and top it off with toasted apricots and coconut cooked in honey syrup. This is an extremely satisfying dessert yet light on the stomach.

  • Summer fruit pie:

Create any summer fruit pie to suit your taste. An example, strawberry and peach double crust pie. Create any fruit pie to catch the essence of the season.

  • Pretzel Terrine in a Peanut Buttercup:

This dessert is salty and sweet at the same time. This ice cream cake is cool, crunchy and will satisfy every sweet tooth.

  • Strawberry Ice cream sandwiches:

Strawberry Ice cream sandwiches

These simple treats can even be made two to three days in advance and stored in the freezer. Pick any fruit of your choice to make this dessert.

  • Caramel Almond Ice cream Torte:

Caramel Almond Ice cream Torte

This super easy dessert needs only three ingredients and is a delightful dessert idea when you are hosting a summer party.

  • Peach and Blueberry cobblers:

Peach and Blueberry cobblers

For peach cobbler, sliced peaches should be well coated with spoonfuls of batter and baked till they turn golden brown. This warm and bubbly dessert is a sure shot winner. For Blueberry cobbler, pour biscuit topping over the blueberries and let the delicious juices of blueberry fill the dessert as it gets baked.

  • Raspberry and Peach Parfait:

This dessert not only tastes great, it also looks very pretty. It mixes the flavors of sweetened fruit with its own juices as well as the vanilla ice cream or any ice cream of your choice.

  • Peach crisp:

Peach crisp

This warm dessert is made of rolled oats and almonds which add a crispy and chewy texture to it. The texture should perfectly complement the tender feel of the juicy peaches.

  • Berry shortcakes:

Berry shortcakes

Buy store-bought biscuits and layer it with mixed berries and freshly whipped cream.

  • Ice cream peach surprise:

Ice cream peach surprise

This dessert comprises of golden brown baked peach with a scoop of ice cream hidden inside it.

  • Strawberry and syrup:

Strawberry and syrup

Mix some orange liqueur with sweet syrup and toss it onto the berries and prepare a mouthwatering summer dessert.

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