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Baby Checklist: 5 Baby Essentials For Women To Have

by Tatiana Plesco
Baby Essentials

The thought that you will become a parent soon may seem frightening when thinking about all the shopping you have to do. How could you establish a list of baby essentials when every little item is important to you? Do not panic! We are here to help, providing you with a list of the most important products that should not be missing from your nursery room.

Furthermore, on All Kids Reviews, you can find some useful reviews for different baby care essentials, like clothes and accessories. If you still have a few months to go before you will hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you need to develop your own checklist of baby essentials.

1.    Swaddle Blanket

Seeing your little one for the first time makes you realize how small he is and how cute he is going to look when you will dress him in those tiny clothes. However, you may also try to swaddle him. Some of the clothes you have bought or received as a gift might be too big for your newborn. That is why you should be prepared with a swaddle blanket.

swaddle blanket

This sort of blanket is specially designed for swaddling your cute little bundle of joy, making him look even cuter. It facilitates the process due to the Velcro and flaps. You just have to follow some easy instructions to make your baby ready. Your little smurf will look so sweet and you will become so skilled at swaddling that nurses will have to learn from you.

2.    Pacifier

Under any circumstances do not even think about bringing the baby into the world without having a pacifier. Actually, you will learn that you will not only need one pacifier but a dozen. In every room in your house, there should be a pacifier. Even if your first thought is that pacifiers are bad and they may encourage your baby to become depended on it, you will need one.


This transition from the womb and into the world may be tougher than you think for your little lone. Therefore, you have to make sure that the passing is smooth. Use a pacifier to soothe your crying baby and calm him whenever need it. You will notice that after a few months, your baby is likely to replace the pacifier with his or her thumb.

3.    Baby Monitor

No matter how bad you want to stay in the same room with your baby all the time, you have to face the fact that you are only human and you have your own needs. You cannot eat in your baby’s nursery room every day and you cannot run to the bathroom and leave your baby unattended. Therefore, using a baby monitor can facilitate your life.

baby monitor

Furthermore, when the baby is asleep, you can easily take care of other house chores knowing that you will hear his or her every move. Hearing and seeing your child while sleeping is always comforting for a parent. A video or audio baby monitor will also let you know when it is best for you to go in to get your baby.

4.    Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is known to be a life-changing experience for every woman. Seeing your little one feeding, close to your skin is just magical. However, the baby may not always want to take your breast or this is a more likely scenario in his first months of life. Therefore, your swollen breasts will feel like bursting if you do not use a breast pump.


Furthermore, a breast pump is a good idea if you are a working mother and you do not want to deprive your baby of feeding on breast milk. Many mothers recommend a manual version since it is easier to use and you can take it anywhere with you. Make sure you use it regularly to avoid any embarrassing leaks while at work or in public places.

5.    Diapers

Diapers are crucial in any nursery room. After your baby is born, make sure you purchase several types of diapers in different sizes to see which fit best. Furthermore, you should also pay attention to the fabric they are made to notice if the baby experience rashes. Testing several brands will also help you notice the differences in absorption and how much it takes until it is full.


You can choose between disposable or cloth diapers. However, keep in mind that during his first months of life your baby will need about 10 to 12 diapers every day. Hence, you have to plan everything accordingly to provide him with the best care and products. Consider purchasing some night diapers which have a different absorption degree and prevent leaks.

Having a list of the most useful baby items can save you a lot of time when your little one comes into the world. Make sure you complete the list with whatever you feel is necessary. Keep in mind the fact that you need to focus on quality, not on quantity. Since it is all about your newborn, you need to offer them the best care possible. Search for the greatest brands and prepare your nursery room with all the baby essentials you will need.

Updated: 25 April 2019

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