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Basic Interior Designing; Some Simple Ideas To Style Your Home

by Tatiana Plesco
Basic Interior Designing

Many people pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to interior designers to style their homes in the way that they want. Many people complain that the end result is not what they desired. It is true that interior designers might not always understand your need so at times you have to step in and do things on your own. We have covered a few basic ideas for each room of your house and included tips to make it feel luxurious and elegant.


Your bedroom is a private space in your house but it is also a place that projects your personality when seen by someone else. To be very general, a bedroom should have lighting that is not too bright and the color yellow should be preferred over white. You might ask ‘is it ok to put personal items on display?’. Well, the answer to that is ‘yes’ but only if you can manage to keep only a few of them without creating clutter.

Drawing Room

Basic Interior Designing

A place to seat your guests, a drawing-room mostly requires to feel rich and comfortable. The sofas should be comfortable and try to match the other seating furniture to the color of your sofas so that they look like they’re a part of a set. Fit in as many sculptures and items of display that you can without making the place look messy. A fireplace might be outdated but electric fireplaces are quickly replacing them as a necessary part of your drawing room. You might raise the question ‘what size of electric fireplace do I need’ and the answer to that would be ‘the one that does not make your room look small or congested’. Keeping the color scheme in mind is crucial as throwing in too many colorful items will only ruin the whole look.

Dining Room

Dining Room

A smart dining table set with a few luxurious-looking paintings on the wall can give you a plush feel in the dining room. Low-hanging ceiling lights and a couple of ornate candle stands should complete the vibe. On the other hand, if you want to go for a more modern feel then get a smaller table next to an open kitchen and focus more on the color scheme. Color combinations such as white and grey combined with fancy modern-looking tube lights will give your dining room a modern vibe.



I think most of us agree that a kitchen looks better in a modern look. This is not because of a collective choice but rather because most of the appliances in the kitchen give the place a modern feel and those appliances are important and can not be done away with. A candle stand would not look too well next to a microwave. So get smart modern-looking lights and again, keep the color scheme in mind. Try to keep things in the drawers instead of scattering them all over the kitchen slab. There are many ways to make your house look the way you want it to without paying truckloads of money to interior designers. This article has some simple suggestions and principles to follow. Go through them and easily style your house without paying extra to professional designers.

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