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The Beach Ball As A Gaming, Educational Tool Makes Learning Fun

by Tatiana Plesco

Beach Balls are fun Adults and children are equally enjoying this game a lot. Beach balls are very delicate and are made up of plastic and may not have a long life. But they do give moments of joy to cherish. These spheres of fun are available in various types and can also be put to educational use in a fun, entertaining way to teach children and keep them engrossed in fun at the same time.

  • Beach ball types

You can buy common beach balls in the normal size of 24 inches. When inflated the diameter of the normal plastic sphere would be about 18 inches. You can also get beach balls as small as 4 inches in size and as large as 9 feet high. You can use it for some exhilarating moments in your backyard lawn or carry it along to the beach and have fun. Beach ball can be used in many ways such as tossing it around or playing beach football, beach volleyball or handball, or you can even use it as a games accessory when you splash about on the waves. There is never a dull moment when the round ball of fun is around. Beach balls can also be used as educationals tool for children.

Beach ball types

  • The beach ball as a learning sphere

Beach ball can be amazing fun activity and also can be used as an educational tool. Below are some:

  • Earth globe beach ball:

Printed with a map of the Earth, the earth globe printed beach ball is a fun way to teach geography to kids. It can also be illuminated and rotating it and rotating it from one side to other can explain the concept of day and night. Pass the ball around and let the kids name the continent depending on which part of the globe their hand or finger rests on.


  • Buoyant force:

It is ideally difficult to explain this topic to kids in words. It becomes rather more simple to make them understand in a fun way. Let them try to hold it under water and try explaining the concept of buoyancy becomes so much more fun. They will love to try to push the ball underwater and watch it shoot up when released.

  • Coordination skills:

Kids may have trouble catching a small sized ball than a large one they can bounce it around, throw it around or form into teams and play throw ball with a string serving as the net. Put a large basket on a table and teach them to aim and throw the ball so that it lands in the basket. Teach them how to aim by marking spots on the wall or on the floor and instruct them to try putting the ball on that spot from a distance. They will also love to kick it around and develop more skills. There is no end to creative learning in an engrossing way when a beach ball is in hand.

Coordination skills

  • Learning Spelling, colors, and words:

On a more serious note, the fun beach ball can serve as a learning aid. Use a ball with colored sections. Use a marker to spell out words on each section. The ball is passed from one kid to the other who, when getting the ball, checks to see which portion is in his palm. He then describes the color or the word.

You will find that the humble beach ball is always ready to Entertain and educate children in many ways. With a pinch, it becomes partially inflated and can be used as a pillow. You can also put some led lights inside it and have a wonderfully lit up globe in your den.

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