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Beauty Shortcuts That Will Help You Get Ready In A Blink Of An Eye

by Tatiana Plesco
Beauty Shortcuts

Getting ready for work in the morning when you just want to hit the snooze button seems like a daunting task. Nobody has the time or wants to go through a ten-step beauty routine every day. It’s all about looking perfect with as few steps as possible. Thankfully, there are many beauty shortcuts to get the perfect look and enhance all your features in a fraction of the time. If you want to know how to get ready in a blink of an eye, we have compiled the best beauty shortcuts. Read on to see them.

Prep your skin

The look and feel of your skin might be the most important part of any beauty routine. If your skin is nice and smooth, the makeup will apply much better, and you will look amazing. Use a soft skin-exfoliating sponge to brush on your skin before applying makeup. It will remove all the dead skin cells, make the application of further products much easier, and improve the appearance of your face.

Never skip the moisturizer. If you want an instant boost to your look, apply moisturizer before makeup. Bonus if it has SPF in it.

Use tinted moisturizer

If you want coverage without spending a lot of time to apply foundation, a tinted moisturizer is your best bet. It’s a time-saving 2-in-1 product that moisturizes your skin and gives it healthy coverage. Apply it with a beauty sponge or fingers for a natural look. Tinted moisturizer is often buildable, so if you want more coverage, you can add it where needed.

When you want a bit more coverage, apply a dab of concealer under your eyes, and on problem spots.

Define your face

A whole contouring routine might be excessive every morning, but you can still enhance your features and define your face. Use powder contours and highlights for an easier and faster application. Highlighting is more important since it enhances the spot where applied.

If you want a sun-kissed youthful look, use a bronzer and swipe it with a big brush on the cheeks and forehead. If you don’t have any spare time, use only a sheer, creamy blush to get a fresh look.

Apply mascara

You only need mascara to define your eyes. Apply a layer or two, and your eyes will look amazing. If you have the time, apply a natural color of eyeshadow, like nude and brown, to further enhance your eyes. They are forgivable colors, so even if you apply them in a rush, they should look good. Use a bit of highlighter in the corner of your eyes for a bright look.

Enhance your brows

Brows are the frames for your eyes and can make or break the look. Drawing out your eyebrows every day can be a pain, and they often don’t come out even. To save time, you can use a bristle-end eyebrow marker. With each swipe, you can add thin marks of color that look like real brows. Apply an eyebrow gel after to lock everything in place.

If you want a more natural look, use only the eyebrow gel with tiny fibersfibers that enhance the fullness of your brows. A great way to skip the hassle every day is to invest in natural eyebrow feathering. You can have perfect natural eyebrows every day of the year.

Use tinted lip balm.

Tinted lip balm can be applied in seconds and give you a fresh, colorful look. Some cream blushes can double as lip balms and save you even more time in the morning.

These beauty shortcuts can significantly cut down the time you need to get ready. A natural look is always easier to pull off in a short time. Multipurpose products are also a game-changer for getting ready in a blink of an eye, so look into that.

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