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Beauty Tips For Autumn

by Tatiana Plesco
Beauty Tips For Autumn

Outside it is getting colder – time to adjust our skin and hair care for the fall season. Which is the reason that our skin needs special attention in the cold time? On one hand, it has yet to recover from the summer – it is lacking especially after the beach vacation in moisture – on the other hand, it is now particularly stressed by cooler temperatures. As a result, it dries faster and looks anything but bright. With these tips, you can make your skin look perfect in the cold season.

  • Fully maintenance

The sebaceous glands are the first to respond when the weather changes. They produce the natural oils that have the duty to protect our skin from external influences. The colder it the weather outside, the less fat will be produced. The result: the natural protective barrier is permeable, the skin dries out. The creams that you use before sleep should be moisturizing and may contain moisturizing substances such as urea, evening primrose oil or Shea butter. Also, provide enough moisture from the inside, and drink enough, it should be at least two liters of water per day.

  • Face masks and serum for an extra protection

Dermatologists recommend in the cold period a highly concentrated serum as an extra dose of moisture is applied under the day cream. In addition, you can maintain your skin twice a week with a moisturizing mask.

  • Skin peeling

Often, our skin becomes paler in the fall. The reason is that it comes the time when holiday tan peels off and so leaves a greyish veil on the skin. To remove this helps an enzyme peeling. It removes dead skin cells more gently than conventional scrubs and clears the skin.

Skin peeling

  • Protect from the sun

Think of a sufficient UV protection. While you do not necessarily need SPF 50, but also in the cold period you should protect your skin during long walks or sports outdoors, with a face cream that has at least SPF 15.

  • Do not forget the body

The skin on the elbows often suffers from very dry, scaly and itchy skin. The reason: In these places, there is sebaceous’s gland. You can help this state by mixing body lotion with just a few drops of body oil and making a routine in using it.

  • Hand cream is a must

The skin on the hands reacts particularly sensitive to drops in temperature. Also, it has only a few sebaceous glands, and in contact with the cold and dry air is constantly stressed. Here’s we can point out that especially in the cold period, you need to grab in the morning a hand cream with UV protection. The hand creams protect against pigmentation problems, so-called “age spots”.

  • Lip balm

Because the lips cannot be protected with warm clothing and the skin of the lips is very thin and gentle, they demand special attention at colder temperatures. You should have in hand a lip balm. Ideal nourishing ingredients such as beeswax or palm wax which helps prevent your lips from brittle.

Lip balm

  • Showering better with bathing

Make sure that while you shower the water is not hot and the showers don’t take too long and stand out extensive baths for the winter. The natural lipids are rinsed from the skin, it dries faster, it feels – and also the holiday tan vanishes faster then. Lipid shower lotions or shower oils ensure that the body skin stays nice and smooth.

  • Hair needs special attention

Our hair now needs a few extra parts. Because UV light, chlorine and salt water they have already dried up, cool temperatures burden them in addition. The consequence: The hair is dull and doesn’t shine. Hair masks are therefore a must. Use hair masks at least once per week for at least five minutes. Conditioner after every hair wash is now a must anyway.

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