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Belly Fat Promotes the Appearance of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Even Heart Attack or Stroke.

by Tatiana Plesco
belly fat

Also known as visceral fat, belly fat is an accumulation of damaged cells. It produces excess hormones and inflammatory substances that contribute to the production of cholesterol LDL (‘ bad ‘) and triglycerides. Too much abdominal fat triggers a condition called ‘ insulin resistance ‘, in which the hormone insulin is unable to properly control blood sugar levels. This condition increases the risk of blood clots.

The good news is that you can prevent belly fat-together with chain-effects through the food options. What you eat affects the expression of genes and a healthy diet nutrient assures a health. A change in diet can mean a change of the whole life.

Here are some tips to boost your metabolism naturally

  • Avoid containers with BPA.

Although obesity is made, usually on account of lack of exercise and poor eating habits, the researchers noticed that another culprit may be the BPA. This compound is present in basically anything from the inside of the cans until the plastic containers.A study published in the journal of the American Medical Association found in obese children large amounts of BPA in the body-a good reason to keep BPA products away from home and children.

Avoid containers with BPA

  • Consume more foods with folate.

Foods rich in folate may reverse and prevent the causes of obesity that appear as a result of consumption and exposure to chemicals like BPA and food. In fact, research shows that folate can protect you from the damaging effects of BPA type toxins and other substances that mimic estrogen, associated with various types of cancer, especially breast cancer and prostate.

  • Consuming cruciferous vegetables.

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in folates. You can choose between, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli. The more you consume, the more you decrease your risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, dementia, cognitive damage, and depression.Giving up meat on the grill. Giving up often roasted on the grill-meat contains cancer-causing chemicals called nitrosamines.

Consuming cruciferous vegetables

Replace carbonated drinks with water or tea. Carbonated beverages contribute greatly to excess weight and are associated with many health problems. They contain high levels of syrup with fructose, which may be involved in increasing triglycerides. Even carbonated beverages and dietary supplements have been proven to be fatal to the good bacteria in the gut, leading to insulin and leptin desensitization, and inflammation.

  • Don’t skip breakfast.

Breakfast is an important first step for burning calories. Why? Because during the 6-7 hours of sleep, your body has to work hard to repair and re-use, consuming a lot of energy replenishes. Quitting breakfast slows metabolism because the last thing that the body wants the when feeling hungry is to consume more calories, this is why the body gets into the conservation of energy.

Dont skip breakfast.

  • Drink green tea

Green tea benefits are numerous. Contains EGCG, a katehon that stimulates your metabolism, leading to a higher consumption of calories. (when doing sports, if you focus on heart rate, you burn calories.) Another advantage of hot drinks is that they are consumed more slowly than other beverages, reducing calorie intake and thus contributing to the maintenance of an adequate level of sugar in the blood. As with any aspect of the lifestyle, the word order is modesty!

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