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Best Foods That Rich In Calcium For Strong Bones And Teeth

by Tatiana Plesco
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We all know that we required adequate amounts of calcium in our diet for healthy bones and teeth. Most people associate calcium with the intake of cow’s milk, although recent research reveals a different story.


One cup of freshly-squeezed organic orange fluid offers approximately 72 mg of calcium. Not to mention adequately of vitamin C, which will significantly recover the amount of calcium your body absorbs. Besides vitamin C and calcium, oranges are also a significant source of potassium, vitamin A, and beta-carotene.

2-Dried Fruits and Nuts

Many dried fruits are high in calcium. Eating 5 dried figs per day gives you 135 mg of calcium. Almonds are also very high in calcium. Uncooked, or ground into nut butter, almonds hold 266mg of calcium per 100g.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Eating 5 dried figs per day gives you 135 mg of calcium

3-Dried Herbs

Who would have thought that using dried herbs in your dishes would raise your calcium intake? The dried savory spice contains a whopping 2132mg of calcium per 100g using. Other dried herbs that are calcium-rich comprise dill, basil, marjoram, thyme, oregano, poppy kernel, mint, celery kernel, sage, parsley, and aromatic plant.

4-Kale smoothies

Is there anything kale can’t do? Great in salads and smoothies. While kale is a significant source of calcium, it is a high-oxalate green, so for those who may be sensitive to oxalates, steaming can aid mitigate the mineral-binding effect of oxalic acid.

5-Almond Butter

Of all the tree nuts you can find at the grocery store, almonds have the top amount of calcium per serving. You can get similar calcium benefits in butter form. As a bonus, almond butter has no dietary fat and is lower in overweight and higher in protein than peanut butter.


Almonds have the top amount of calcium per serving

6-Blackstrap molasses

A best-quality organic sulfured molasse boasts lots of vitamins and minerals, counting calcium! Try consuming some in your cookie recipes to replace refined sugar – you’ll only require about half the amount you would sugar, so you may need adjusting your dry components, so makes excellent gingerbread oatmeal cookies!

7-Coconut milk

This product of all kinds seems to be all the rage right now, and for the best reason! Real coconut milk, prepared by blending coconut flesh with its water, is an excellent source of calcium and other electrolytes. Use some to a smoothie, or try fermenting it to make your homemade yogurt.


They are high in calcium. Winged beans possess 442mg of calcium per 100g serving. Many white beans are rich in calcium. Most white beans have approximately 175mg of calcium per serving. Navy beans are also a good source of calcium, with 127 mg per cup.


Cheese made from milk. Milk has lots of calcium. Ergo, cheese has rich in calcium. With a wide variety to choose from, mozzarella is particularly rich in calcium. For a healthier option, try cheese prepared from skim milk.

Updated on12/17/2019

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