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Best Home Based Travel

by Tatiana Plesco
Best Home Based Travel

Starting a home-based travel agency is easy and has a comparatively low start-up cost. Are you seeking information on a Home travel, or possibly you’ve read a whole lot and now you are trying to type out what might be the BEST home-based travel? Are you looking for the Best Home Based travel? Recent polls show that over 70% of people who look for the Internet are looking for such an opportunity. But does something like this really exist? Here’s the problem: if you asked ten different people what the “best” home travel was, you would most likely get ten different answers. The truth of the matter is it actually comes down to finding the best one for YOU. We are all coming from a distinctive background. Each of us first has different wants and needs, and a want or need will determine what is best. Then we all have different abilities, and yes.. your abilities DO match up to what might be the best for YOU. What’s best for a friend or neighbor and might work for them might be a total mismatch for you. This article will give you a good insight and afford a direction on what is one of the most universally agreed upon as a “Best” travel.

 First and foremost, when choosing a home based business, it’s really important to ask yourself “Why” are you doing this, and are you prepared to take it seriously and treat it like a business? That means regular hours of commitment of time and a commitment of money as any and all businesses you own are going to require some degree of investment.

People “booking travel” for others has evolved possibly in three stages. We also should consider the two major market segments:  Travel and personal or leisure travel, and in the latter category, we’d include a very close association, travel and leisure and recreational activities and lodging. We are going to focus on personal leisure travel and recreational travel market.

  • STAGE 1:

Probably dates back about 75-80 years when the primary mode was train and ocean liner. There were no condos, few motels, and little air travel. But there were many lodges and luxury hotels. We’ve all heard of the Biltmore and others.  A small cadre of “travel agents” was born, although they probably had many more duties along the line of concierge, personal assistant, etc. In large companies, specialists were brought on board to do those arrangements… and seek out bargains and discounts for their companies.

  • STAGE 2:

Now we have more cars, the DC-3 and in the early hour’s airlines are starting to emerge. We have reliable telephones; we have some early forms of faxes but the telegram was the primary means of messages on short notice as mail took longer, and people are becoming aware that they can earn money booking travel for others. Providing essentially two services: Knowledge of destinations and Administrative tasks such as actually buying the travel arrangements on behalf of a third party. That third party could be a business or an individual.

  • STAGE 3:

The change took place almost overnight. The airlines deregulated as one part, and competition evolved to a point where commissions were almost non-existent to the agencies. The Internet and access to travel databases within the airlines and hospitality industry literally exploded into being, and now EVERYONE had at least almost nearly equal administrative access to the services and could bypass the agencies which started going out of business at an alarming rate. The one thing certain agencies DID retain was a cadre of people who HAD traveled and did have personal experience with various providers… resorts, cruise lines, etc. But as profits to the providers themselves started to decline, so did the availability of FAM trips, and there were fewer agencies.

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