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Best Remedies For Postpartum Hair Loss

by Tatiana Plesco
Best remedies for postpartu

Hair damage after delivery is quite common. The high levels of estrogen that kept your locks thick and luxurious throughout perinatal period suddenly take a nosedive, which triggers your body’s normal process of hair coming loose.

Here are some Best remedies for postpartum hair loss.

  • Cure your hair gently

Let it flow loosely (no ponytails or tight hairstyles). Excessive heat problems hair loss, so allow your hairs to air dry after showers and limit your use of curling irons. Don’t color your locks until after the shedding stops.

  • Eat a well-balanced food

Postpartum is not the time to try a fad food in order to lose those prenatal period pounds. Instead, regular, balanced supper of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins will go a long technique toward healthy hair. After giving birth and particularly if you’re nursing your body requires a good mix of foods to stay healthy.

Eat a well-balanced food

  • Adopt stress-reduction techniques

Stress can play a big role in hair loss. Engage in stress reduction methods such as meditation, exercise, nature walks, laughter yoga, pet cure, a personal hobby or anything else that puts you in a Zen state of mind. Make it as much the main concern to take care of yourself as well as your baby in those first few months after delivery.

Some home remedies to control hair loss

  • Coconut

It is very famous for hair problems. Apply coconut milk on the scalp that helps to reduce your locks fall. Coconut also helps to burn the hard shell of coconut to ashes. Reserve these ashes into a jar and then use them every time to the oil while massaging it into your scalp. Daily apply this to hair fall and even make them darker, glossier and full of volume.

  • Amla home remedy

It is the good home remedy that can give nourishing to your hair. The amla is full in tonic and you can directly use it in your diet in the form of juice. OR you can boil them with oil that it can turn black and after that can use hair with the same oil. It gives more safety to your hair from hair fall and environmental ups and downs.

Amla home remedy

  • Egg white cure of hair loss during postpartum

Egg white is the top hair pack to get back your strong trained hair. Make the hair pack by blending 1 egg white and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Use this pack to your hair and leave it around 30 minutes. Wash them off with lukewarm or cold water. The egg is rich in protein and helps to make stronger and soften your hair and also stops hair fall.

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