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Best Solutions that Work for Sagging Breasts

by Tatiana Plesco
Sagging Breasts

Every woman wants to have perfect breasts whole life. Unfortunately, though, this is not possible. Breast sagging is a natural process that occurs with age when the breasts lose their elasticity and firmness.
Sagging breasts can seriously affect the self-esteem of a woman, who may feel that she loses the beauty and no longer equally appreciated by the opposite sex. Knowing the causes leading to sagging breasts and a proactive approach to this issue can make a big difference.
Why are breasts sagging? Because it has no muscles. Breasts made from fat, connective tissue, and milk-producing glands, so they need constant care to remain in good shape. Although sagging breasts usually starts when reaching the age of 40 years, and it may take place earlier.
As many studies show, toward the end of its third decade of life, women’s skin begins to lose elasticity and give the first signs of aging. And as we look to the Health Education Institute of Oregon Breast, this is especially true regarding the breasts, especially if the woman had a pregnancy.

Besides age and pregnancy, other factors that can promote breast sagging include:

  • menopause
  • loss or gaining quick weight
  • physical training
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • smoking and drinking
  • excessive use of a tanning procedure, and unmatched bras

Many reviews say that breastfeeding leads to sagging of the breasts, which is entirely FALSE. According to a 2008 study published a journal of cosmetic surgery, which looks like breastfeeding is not a risk factor for breast PTOSIS (a pretentious name for sagging breasts).

Sagging of the breasts breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not a risk factor for breast PTOSIS

The real culprit is the task itself because the weight taken during pregnancy can result in stretching of ligaments, which eventually let losing elasticity.
This problem may diminish by taking the weight is normal during pregnancy.
Some diseases, such as breast cancer or respiratory conditions, like tuberculosis, can also lead to sagging breasts.
The excessive consumption of nicotine, alcohol, and carbonated drinks do not help your beauty. There is a wide variety of commerce creams and lotions which help keep the breasts firm and toned. If you prefer, but there are alternatives to natural methods, simple and easy to use at home, you can try out.
What can you do to strengthen your breast for breast enhancement?
You can try various methods, from exercise for chest, massage and masks from plant-based oils and essential oils. Alternatively, you can visit the Dr Potter blog if you want to learn more about breast-related improvements.
Maintaining an optimal weight if you have problems with weight and it fluctuates constantly, loses weight, or gain mass, this will be reflected on your breasts.
Skin, particularly that of the breast area, loses its elasticity when it is stretched. And when you lose weight, you can lose more fat to breast level compared to the rest of the body.
lose weight

Skin of the breast area, loses its elasticity when it is stretched

This continuous stretch and relaxation of the skin make it quit and hang time. Drink plenty of water according to experts from the University Hospital in Wisconsin; the surface made up of cells that contain mostly water.
Insufficient water influences the appearance of the skin, making it one of the breasts seem saggy and folded. When the body gets a proper amount of water, the skin appears loose, dry, and wrinkled.
This leads to premature aging of the skin around the breasts, causing them to lose firmness and to quit. Proper nutrition and a Healthy Diet should be always sport combined with movement, this being the only way to reduce body weight while maintaining skin firmness.
An improper weight makes the breasts to quit. A sudden weight loss will surely make your breasts to lose firmness. Nutritional deficiencies can also cause sagging breasts because they need the nutrients for development and support.
A protein deficiency can cause the breast muscles to lose strength and firmness, favoring their sagging. It is essential to consume nutrient-rich foods with a high content of protein, vitamins, calcium, vitamins and minerals, essential fats and carbs, etc.
Among the foods that should not be missing from your daily menu: tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and garlic, etc.

Natural remedies for breast enhancing:


Pomegranate is a beneficial fruit as regarded anti-aging agent and prevents sagging breasts. Pomegranate seed oil is rich in phytonutrients. This delicious fruit maintains breast firmness.
Pomegranates for beast sagging

Pomegranate seed oil is rich in phytonutrients

Aloe Vera

This fantastic herb Aloe Vera has natural properties of hardening of the skin that can prevent breast sagging. Antioxidants in aloe Vera avoid the harmful effects of free radicals and firming the breasts.
Apply aloe Vera gel on the breasts and massaged gently, circular, for 10 minutes. Let the gel on your skin still 10 minutes, then clean it with cold water. For effective results, repeat 4-5 times a week.


Breast exercises are said to keep the muscles firm. But, since they are made from fat, not muscle, basically not really the proper way to tone them up.

But the exercises for the chest can improve the appearance of the pectoral area reinforcing ligaments around them, which, in turn, can make breasts look more vigorous, says Anne Taylor, general practitioner and Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of The State of Ohio.
The easiest and popular exercise for breast firmness is push-ups for the pectoral muscles, which strengthen under the breasts. In general, they contribute to shaping the breast and reduce fatty deposits in excess of the chest area.
Exercises with weights pectoral muscles and strengthen them, alien breast-side or from the front or from the side, and many other variations that the pectorals. Swimming and bench press also good exercises for breast Ptosis.

Breast exercises

Exercises for the chest can improve the appearance of the pectoral area reinforcing ligaments around them

Diy masks for breasts

Masks for breasts, just like facial masks, and masks for large breasts and breast firmness can improve the skin in the chest area.
For visible results, the mask must be used at least once a week.
Breast mask with vitamin E oil and egg to make a paste of

  • 1 Tablespoon yogurt
  • 1 Tablespoon oil with vitamin E
  • 1 Egg
  • Apply the paste on the breasts.
  • Let it act for about half an hour.
  • Rinse off with warm water.

Another option is gently to massage your breasts at least 2-3 times a week with coconut oil or olive oil. By doing that, you will add firmness and elasticity of the skin to enlarge and improve the tone and texture of the skin.
The massage stimulates circulation from the surface of the skin, increases the intake of blood, and stimulates the development of muscle and cell restoration, which improves the appearance and attenuate the severity of breast shape and form.


Ice massages

Ice massages

Ice massages the skin tone on the breasts and around them. All you have to do is pass a couple of ice cubes over the breasts with circular movements.
Or you can break the ice, and you can put it in a ziplock bag folded in a piece of material and use it in the same way. It is about a 1-minute massage because too much ice can numb the skin.
Try this message at regular intervals throughout the day to give firming breast muscles and skin.

Essential oils and herbal oils

Essential oils such as oil of peppermint, fennel, carrot, lemon verbena, and cypress have regenerative properties of skin cells, which contribute to restoring to suppleness and elasticity of skin left. Use these oils massage at regular intervals during the day to tone the skin on and around the breasts.
Attention, however, to use these oils, because they can burn the skin and should be used in minimal quantities, two drops are more than sufficient.

Herbal oils also work great. Massage the breasts with vegetable oils like coconut oil, olive oil, or a grape seed are beneficial for toning the skin and breast tissue.
Beneficial is the oils of almond and grape seed, giving skin firmness and a feed. For the best results, you can mix two drops of essential oil with vegetable oil before the message.

Essential oils for sagging breasts

Essential oils for sagging breasts

Avoid these triggers

Besides these natural remedies, several triggers must be avoided to prevent sagging of the breasts. Among these are smoking and excessive tanning. Smoking is a significant risk factor that favors the sagging breasts, according to a study from 2008.
This is true for any other habit that destroys collagen in the skin, such as excessive tanning or a nutrition low in nutrients and high in fat or wrong size and type bra can lead to sagging of breasts.

No bra doesn’t help much.

The best solution is to choose a bra with individual support or with shoulder pads in the bottom of the cup.
They provide proper support and prevent breast sagging.

Updated on 12-08-2020

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