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Better Feet With Proper Podiatry

by Tatiana Plesco

Podiatry is a medical field that specializes in the treatment of feet, ankles and lower parts of legs. This medicinal branch also deals with the diagnosis, study and surgical treatment of feet for healthy life. The podiatry field also deals with preventing and rectifying feet related deformities and offering mobility to people.

Podiatry can help identify any weaknesses in our feet or ankles and can suggest techniques for strengthening and what kind of shoes to wear for comfort and well-being.

  • Common Feet Issues Addressed by Podiatry

In our day to day lives, there are some common issues related to feet that cause us discomfort or pain. Some of the issues that are effectively taken care of are:

  1. Toenail discoloration, fungal or thickened nails or ingrown nails
  2. Athlete’s foot
  3. Cracked heels with general dryness
  4. Odorous feet
  5. Sports-related feet injuries
  6. Blisters on feet
  7. Premature aging of feet
  8. Painful heels
  9. Walking discomfort due to flat feet
  10. Bunions on feet
  • Help through Podiatry for Common Feet Related Issues

Many of the common feet related issues mentioned above can be corrected through simple practices. The podiatry field effectively deals with these common problems by following simple suggestions like tailor-made insoles, or right kind of footwear with appropriate padding and arching support. This is quite effective in dealing with pain in the arch or in the heel. These devices are called orthotics which one can insert into their shoes and align their feet properly. This helps the ailing feet by reducing the pressure or stress from susceptible areas.

  • Surgical Podiatry Help


Apart from these simple solutions, podiatry can effectively deal with some of the more complex feet related issues by prescribing re-alignment surgery and any other surgical procedure to correct the lower limb problems. Podiatry surgery is a specialized field for surgical treatment of problems affecting foot, lower limbs, ankles, and heels. Often people suffer from joint pains and ligament tears some have genetically deformities; they all can undergo surgical treatments if doctors advise which can improve the health conditions of the people in general.  Podiatric surgery can involve major reconstruction of the foot or it may be minimally invasive in nature.

  • Podiatry for Sports

Podiatry for sports or sports podiatry is a sub or specialized branch. It is mostly recommended for people who are suffering from foot or lower limb injuries due to extensive stress and pressure, this is majorly the case with y sportspersons. Many fractures are caused in the foot area are due to excessive sports activity and sports podiatry deals with such situations effectively by offering treatments like injection therapy or by treating the soft tissue. Sometimes podiatrists perform trigger point therapy and rehabilitation programs involving exercises to correct the feet problems arising out of sports injuries. Sports people they do want to have enhanced performance from their body and podiatry can help them by enhancing their mechanical performance leading to maximum efficiency and minimum amount of discomfort or injury.

  • Podiatry for Children


Podiatry for children or pod podiatry is a specialized form of podiatry that deals with foot related issues in case of children. Children with deformed feet or any related problem need adequate and timely care as if these problems left untreated for long can hamper the overall envelopments the child. By attending to these deformities at an early stage can avoid any long-term chronic ailments of the foot in children.

Feet are an essential part of our body; we use them more often than any other part of the body. We walk every day and we want to do that without any pain. Therefore, it is always advised to get proper medical advice for early detection of the foot related problems. Do you want to know more about podiatry? Let’s go to the details for getting more information.

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