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Body Contouring Plastic Surgery-Targeting Fat Without Surgery

by Tatiana Plesco

Exercise and diet are the two best possible solutions for staying away from excess fat. Somehow, there are times when the stubborn fat takes more than the two solutions-surgical fat removals such as Liposuction. The greatest news is that such surgical procedures are now past! You can sculpt your shape and bring out the best definition of your body through non-surgical body contouring. Body contouring procedures that are less invasive tighten the skin and can dissolve fat. One such innovation includes injecting various cocktails into the skin for dissolving fat is known as Mesotherapy. Thermage (also known as Thermalift or Thermacool) is a method based on radio frequencies for tightening facial skin for a firmer look. CoolSculpting or noninvasive body contouring is another method of getting rid of excess body fat. If you want to tone up your body without going under the knife, read below for the best possible way of removing fat from your body in a non-surgical way. What’s more to body contouring; let’s give you the details:

  • CoolSculpting- NonSurgical Fat Reduction:

Cool Sculpting is the best non-surgical procedure for removing excess weight from the body. It uses two different devices for creating controlled injuries to a small volume of body fat. The two devices include: cryo lipolysis or ultrasound and cold energy, both these devices efficiently contour the body and result in a consistent fat reduction.CoolSculpting- NonSurgical Fat Reduction

  • Are You Suitable for CoolSculpting?

Before opting for a CoolScultping procedure, you should understand that this procedure is not a weight loss program. It only targets a small volume of fats such as flanks, thighs, back, and abdominal fat, and cannot eliminate the more significant amount of fat. For the latter, you should consider Liposuction as an option. Moreover, with a good health condition, realistic expectations, and a positive attitude, you can read below for signs that make you suitable for CoolScultping:

  1. Your overall body is in good shape and requires toning. This includes bulges of fat on thighs, back, flanks, and abdomen that needs to be removed.
  2. The bulges of fat on various body parts have formed pockets that are stubborn against exercise or diet.
  3. You want a toned and sculpted look without surgical incisions.
  • What are the Pros and Cons of CoolScultping?

The pros and cons of CoolScultping mentioned below are significantly for your knowledge. However, we recommend that you consult an aesthetic plastic surgeon for guidance. PROS– No incision required in Nonsurgical Fat Reduction procedure, it takes little to no downtime, and the patient gets rid of body fat instantly and has minimal discomfort. CONS– To have the desired outcome, multiple sessions may be needed, with ultrasound device small and slights burns may occur, and temporary numbness and redness.

  • How is CoolSculpting Procedure performed?

The body structure and consistency of fat are unique to every individual. Therefore your surgeon will make the best recommendation. The two treatments of Non-surgical Fat Reduction procedure are:


FDA guidelines have marked Cryolipolysis work as per clinical studies as an off-label treatment.

  1. During the procedure, the excess fat is sucked into a handpiece between two metal plates; the area once captured is then cooled down.
  2. It requires an hour process on a single point.


  1. This device does not require any pre-medications.
  2. The places to be treated get marked by the surgeon.
  3. Then the gel is applied to the marked areas.
  4. The marked area gets covered with an ultrasound transducer. One marked area might require several attempts.
  5. A single ultrasound session at one specific point may last from half an hour to several hours.

You also have an option of Mesotherapy- The process is also known as Injection Lipolysis. The American Society has not yet approved the injections used in Mesotherapy for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as safe; therefore, this treatment is still questionable. You should never seek treatment from surgeons who are not licensed. Instead, choose other non-surgical procedures that have met the standards.

  • Surgeon and Questions you need to ask:

Once you have acquired a thorough knowledge of the surgery and what you need to prepare, look for the right surgeon. Your choice of surgeon should be based on an experience of relevant surgery, certification, and how your surgeon interacts with you. After all, your operation results and your willpower will have to do a lot with the doctor-patient relationship.

Surgeon and Questions you need to ask

For body contouring in Atlanta, women are getting consultations from Crispin Plastic Surgery. This plastic and cosmetic surgery center is well recognized and has the most experienced surgeons. You can set an appointment with the surgeon at Crispin Plastic Surgery and ask the following questions to ensure your satisfaction:

  1. Am I suitable for CoolSculpting?
  2. Are my expectations reasonable and realistic?
  3. Do you have before and after photos of the surgery?
  4. Will I have scars?
  5. What extra cost should be my expectation, apart from surgery cost?
  6. What is the recovery period, and how soon can I resume my routine activities?
  7. Are there any risks and complications?
  8. What if the result is not the same as expected, what options do I have then?

Updated on 3/18/2020

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