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How You Can Maintain Your Digestive System

by Tatiana Plesco
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The body organs such as the stomach, small intestine, kidneys, and larynx take care of the digestive system. These body organs help in digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and other nutrients. In fact, these body organs improve digestion of all foods. Improved digestive system provides greater blood supply to the heart and lungs. So, there occur no cardiovascular diseases that commonly develop in human beings. If you think maintaining the digestive system is the very easy process, you are wrong. Certainly, you need to take pretty much care and show sincerity for maintaining your digestive system. Not only diet, but you also need to be strict towards exercises. Here, I have shared some best easy tips that specifically help in maintaining the digestive system:

  • Consume Healthy/Balanced Diet –

By the term balanced diet, we mean the diet that contains the right amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. A balanced diet is necessary for improving all body organs where they are digestive organs, or they are respiratory organs. If you follow a healthy diet, you will never suffer strokes, constipation, and other digestive problems. For making a healthy diet, you should focus on fruits such as blueberries, apples, bananas, whole-grain foods such as brown rice and bread & vegetables such as spinach and cauliflower. These foods contain several antioxidants and polyphenols that stimulate heart rate and enhance digestion. A balanced diet can only be achieved if you take all of your regular meals. Through vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain foods, you can remove free radicals and avoid various health problems. At several times throughout the day, you should drink a vast amount of water. Last, you should also look for snacks, nuts, and grains in between your daily meals. Follow a healthy diet for keeping your digestive system healthy.

  • Perform Exercises –

Exercises play a crucial role in the improvement of the digestive system. Whether you perform complicated deadlift exercise or easy running exercise, you can enhance your digestive system. Exercises help in providing more oxygen or energy to the body and stimulating the heart rate. Everybody organ gets the required amount of blood, and there occur no cardiovascular diseases. If you don’t want to perform different types of exercises, you can go for physical activities. Brisk walking and jogging also improve blood flow to the stomach, colon, and small intestine. Well, yoga is one of the best ways for rejuvenating the digestive system. You should perform

  1. Tadasana, one of the basic yoga exercises that provide physical and mental strength
  2. Dhanurasana, which can be performed by people of all sizes and weights
  3. Vajrasana that particularly helpful in improving the body concentration
  • Eat Both Types of Fiber –

You need to put very much focus on fiber products. You just need to eat fiber without considering it as soluble or insoluble. Insoluble fiber that comes from roughage helps a lot in digesting big and hard pieces of foods. You do not need to see the water content in products that contain insoluble fiber. Instead, you need to observe health benefits that can be available from insoluble fiber products. You can avail insoluble fiber from vegetables, wheat, bran and whole-grain bread. In comparison to insoluble fiber, soluble fiber offers more health benefits. With soluble fiber, you can stimulate your digestive system in a better way. Forgetting soluble fiber, you should eat seeds, nuts, legumes, oat bran, etc.

  • Avoid Foods that Contain High Fat –

Fatty foods not only cause obesity but also inhibit the digestive process. With foods such as cheese and vegetable oils, you can easily develop constipation problems. Fast/processed foods such as stuffed kulchas, burgers, etc. only offer unsaturated and trans fats, responsible for various health diseases such as high blood sugar, diabetes, etc. You should also avoid consuming peanut butter with your bread and other foods. Instead of fat-rich foods, you can look for foods that contain high fiber and protein content

  1. You should eat nutritious fishes such as salmon
  2. You should consume lean, red meat or beef
  3. You should consume snacks such as homemade popcorn, light yogurt, etc

With nutritious foods, you can improve the functioning of your digestive system without different health problems

  • Consider Meditation –

Stress is one of the most important causes of health problems and diseases. Respiratory or digestive problems commonly occur from stress or tensions. Therefore, you need to look for ways that help in avoiding stress. Other than foods, exercises also help in reducing anxiety and providing relaxation. You should perform yoga exercises such as Shavasana, Vajrayana, etc. Meditation is another fantastic activity for minimizing stress levels. Meditation allows forgetting of all thoughts and concentrating the mind towards one thing. Meditation specifically helps in uniting the body and mind. It is up to you, whether you want to perform only meditation or perform a combination of meditation and yoga exercises. Baba Ramdev’s pranayama focuses a lot on the meditation activity.

  • Avoid Drinking, Smoking and Skip Bad Habits –

If you want to keep your liver healthy, you need to skip your bad habits. You need to avoid drinking beers, whiskeys, and other alcohols on the regular basis. You should also avoid smoking bidis, cigarettes and consume tobacco and other unhealthy stuff. With these habits, you can develop

  1. Heartburns
  2. Ulcers
  3. Heart, Stomach Cancers
  4. Stomach Pain and other diseases in digestive organs

Coffee is also unhealthy. You cannot trust pretty much on caffeine. Coffee only provides energy for performing activities in an efficient way. By drinking excessive caffeine, you can develop several health diseases such as high cholesterols, high blood sugars, etc. Therefore, you should also limit consumption of coffee In place of coffee, you should consume smoothies and shakes made of blueberries and other healthy fruits You should look for protein supplements that stimulate blood flow to the intestines, stomach, etc

My Verdict

By changing your habits and following some tips, you can maintain your better digestive system. You should consume a diet that contains necessary carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other nutrients. You need to perform exercises such as running, yoga asanas that increase the supply of blood to various parts of the body including the heart and lungs. Both insoluble and soluble fiber helps in enhancing the digestive system. You need to avoid foods that contain trans fats and unsaturated fat, increasing the overall fat content. You should focus on meditation that provides a specific type of rest and relaxation. You must skip bad habits such as smoking, drinking and make good habits of consuming shakes and nutritious foods. If you follow all these tips, you will never face constipation and strokes problems.

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