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How You Can Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy?

by Tatiana Plesco

If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, you need to prepare for it from 30 days. You need to follow certain things for a successful delivery. You need to consume healthy foods for repairing and building your cells. You need to perform some exercises for making your body active and energetic. You need to make a plan that includes all activities to be performed on particular days. Do you need to go for check-ups through which you can know whether your body is healthy? Will you provide a successful delivery? If your body is not ready to give out baby, you can face various problems. After passing 8 crucial months successfully, you can develop problems if you neglect some essential tips during the last pregnancy month. So, you need to take care of your body in the 9th month too.  Below, I have shared some tips through which you can prepare your body for pregnancy.

  • Consume a Clean Diet –

During the entire 9 months period; you need to make your diet pretty much clean. By the word “clean”, I am saying avoidance of unhealthy/ processed foods. You need to avoid foods that contain high calories, unsaturated fats, and trans fat. Burgers, spring rolls, sandwiches are common foods that contain vast calories and other unhealthy stuff. In addition to these foods, you should also avoid seafood and caffeine that can cause various health problems like high cholesterols, etc. You should avoid drinking alcohol that can affect the growth of your baby. Moreover, you should also avoid hard nuts and other heavy foods that are difficult to digest. Specifically, in the ninth month, you should focus only on nutritious foods such as whole-grain bread, wild salmon, etc. Maintain a proper and clean diet that only offers benefits to the body such as growth and strength.

  • Maintain Your Body –

For repairing worn-out cells and building new ones, you need to consume protein-rich foods such as meats, fishes, oatmeal, etc. These foods also offer effective strength to the body. Then, you should consume healthy smoothies on the regular basis. With smoothies, you can avail necessary folic acid, lack of which can cause defects such as Spinal Bifida. In comparison to the previous 8 months, more consumption of folic acid is required in the ninth food. Smoothies also help in Boosting or improving the fertility period. These foods are also important for making your child grow energetic and disease-free. So, you need to look for foods that help in keeping your body fit and healthy.

  • Focus on Physical Activities –

Physical activities especially explain a very important role in preparing the body for pregnancy. Exercises or physical activities such as running, walking provide pretty much energy to the body. Not only, exercises improve the digestive system and respiratory system but they also health diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterols, obesity, etc. You need to know that obesity creates vast problems or complications during pregnancy. By performing physical exercises such as jogging and cycling, you can

Focus on Physical Activities

  1. Make your body function better every time
  2. Control your blood pressure and minimize the risk of gestational diabetes
  3. Get necessary or adequate sleep
  4. Cure constipation problems
  5. Enhance your spirit and feel good or happy
  6. Stimulate hormones such as endorphins and serotonin & avoid stress
  • Avoid Toxins –

Certainly, toxins need to be avoided during pregnancy. Researchers have exclaimed that many pregnant women consume foods that contain harmful toxins. According to professionals, more than 250 toxic chemicals were found in the blood of newborn babies. These toxins have the capability to cause brain and nervous system problems, abnormalities, pregnancy problems and even cancers. So, toxins are pretty much harmful during pregnancy. Instead of improving the health of your body, you will only face health diseases.

  1. You must avoid toppings that contain flavorings, sweeteners and also chemicals.
  2. You should avoid adulterated and unhealthy foods
  3. Before eating foods, you need to check stuff and ingredients used in their manufacturing
  • Perform Yoga –

Yoga always remains a better option for improving physical and mental health. With yoga, you can strengthen your body muscles and control your spine. You can also boost various hormones such as testosterone and growth hormones. By particularly improving your reproductive organs, you can make yourself prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Being low-intensity, the yoga asanas such as Tadasana, B hug asana, can easily be performed by women. These asanas calm the mind and provide a special type of relaxation. If you are not aware of yoga poses, you should perform.

Perform Yoga

  1. Butterfly Pose
  2. Hip Circles
  3. Double Pigeon
  4. Reclining bound angle pose
  5. Legs up the wall

These are easy yoga poses and can be performed at any place. Practice these yoga postures on the regular basis for maintaining the fitness of your body.

  • Don’t Forget Sex –

For keeping your body healthy, you need to continue with romance and sexual activities. Sex offers the energy which is required to perform activities during pregnancy. You can also get pleasure and happiness by enjoying sex with your partner. Moreover, sex also helps in increasing blood flow to the uterus and improving its thickness. After enhancing your uterus, you can surely make your body ready for pregnancy. Therefore, avail pleasure, celebrate love and get high energy by performing sex regularly.

  • Consume Warm Foods –

Many gynecologists and acupuncturist recommend consumption of warm food during the fertility stage or pregnancy’s last month. According to them, warm reproductive organs especially uterus contributes a lot to fertility. Warm foods do not contain bacteria and other things that cause health problems. You should eat warm foods such as

  1. Fried vegetables that contain several minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and fiber
  2. Brown rice that contains anti-oxidants and polyphenols, known for reducing heart and lung problems
  3. Soups that contain carbohydrates and fats, the essential source of energy

Therefore, you need to eat these nutritious foods at regular intervals during pregnancy

  • Be Aware of your Cycle –

It is very important to know the cycle of the pregnancy. The 9 month pregnancy period can be divided into 3 trimesters. During a particular trimester, you need to follow different exercises and consume different foods. You need to understand your body in that specific trimester and then follow tips. In comparison to the first and second trimester, you need to take extra care during the third trimester. For improving your fertility during trimesters, you should eat foods like almonds, salmon, eggs, asparagus, eggs, etc.

Be Aware of your Cycle

  • Destroy Stress –

Stress not only affects mental organs but it also causes problems for physical organs. Researchers have exclaimed that stress or anxiety enhances cortisol levels that suppress ovulation and reduce sperm count. So, with low sperm count, you can avail a better sex drive. Stress also stops energy and blood flow to the heart and other body organs. Poor blood flow means poor energy and so, lack of ability to perform daily life activities. Therefore, you need to destroy your stress for avoiding all these things. Below are some activities through which you can vanish from the stress or tension, which is present in your body:

  1. Breathing exercises such as Pranayama
  2. Meditation activities
  3. Yoga asanas such as Vajrayana and ut tan asana
  4. Acupuncture activities
  5. Having a cool, relaxing bath
  6. Having a message on your back and other body organs
  7. Sleeping for decent hours
  8. Reading books, journals, and magazines
  9. Visualizing and focusing on your breath
  • Go for Regular Acupuncture and Body Check-Up

Regular acupuncture is necessary for

  1. Improving blood flows to the uterus and other reproductory organs
  2. Enhancing the function of ovaries that produce eggs
  3. Increasing secretion of hormones that produce several follicles
  4. Improving the thickness of the uterine lining
  5. Decreasing stress levels and feeling happy
  6. Boosting IVF rate
  7. Turning your negative thoughts into positive ones

You need to go for a body-check up at least once a week. It is important to know whether the uterus and other reproductive organs are performing well or not. In the check-up, you will get a breast check and also a pap smear. You need to be regularly updated with new vaccines and medicines. You should consult a decent doctor for the checkup.

Summing Up

For a healthy pregnancy, you need to make your body prepare for about one month. You should eliminate all foods that contain toxins, chemicals, trans fats, unsaturated fats, and calories. You need to avoid alcohol, seafood, and caffeine too. You should focus on foods that contain several minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. You need to eat nutritious foods such as fruits, whole-grain bread and warm foods such as soups, fried vegetables. You should drink as much water as it is possible, throughout the day. Warm foods are essential for improving your reproductive organs. You should keep on performing physical exercises and yoga asanas that provide energy, reduce stress and avoids diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. You should perform sex regularly for availing energy and happiness. You should meditate, read books and sleep for decent hours to alleviate stress levels. Every week, you should go for a body check that tells whether your reproductive organs are well or not. So, follow all these tips for having a successful delivery. Wish you all the best for your pregnancy.

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