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Here you can browse our greatest health and wealth articles and try to find some positive motivation to grow and spread the joy.News about organic and natural health and holistic medicine secrets. Find out what nature can offer you and how it can change you from inside out. Get your natural way, the best way.Nowadays, people are more and more busy with duties, responsibilities, jobs, kids and in general everyday life. This way we lose the main and very important connection with nature and our inner soul. Basically, we have no time for ourselves and the peace within. A connection that empowers us to perform our best in any life situation and just make us our best. So, we understand that being ONE with our inner self and having that deep respect for nature and what it can provide for us and the way it can change us, is as important as taking care of our beautiful children, maintaining a job, cooking a meal or taking a long walk in our preferred alley or park for that matter. We all know that life can be pretty hectic and crazy at times, but if we stop and make time for ourselves, that soul-deep peace brings us back to where we ALL belong, and that is: mother nature- better than any medicine or any meditation combined. That’s what our soul longs for.That’s where we can recharge our batteries and start things/ life over.


The Link Between Stress, Disease And Magnesium

Disease And Magnesium

In these days one of the most common deficiencies, which can be life-threatening, is the magnesium. The good news is that it can be repaired with ease … Health authorities estimated that over 60% of adults in the West have a magnesium intake situated below the minimum required. What we …

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Quit Smoking for Good is Easy

Quit Smoking

Most smokers believe that nicotine is the root of their addiction, but there are in fact other 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes causes anxiety and induce the need for release on consumer brings nicotine, but only for about 15 to 20 minutes. Number of toxic chemicals from cigarettes wreak havoc upon …

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Find Out The 22 Ways Sodas Shortens Our Lives

Sodas Shortens Our Lives

Many studies have shown the negative effects which can sodas have on health. Their use, however, seems to involve many more risks than we realize. According to statistics, an ordinary Westerner consumes over 126 grams of sugar a day. It’s a quantity what equates to 25.2 teaspoons, or more than …

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14 Essential Qualities for a Love That Lasts

Qualities for a Love

Nowadays you can see anywhere happy couples, on the means of communication media-Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat-or even walking down the street. But things are not always as they seem. The idea of ‘ happy couple until deep great age ‘ does not have a magic recipe and nor is it …

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Healing Through Creative Visualization. The use of mental power for the accumulation and management of the vital power in the body.

Creative Visualization

The doctor and psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, Dr. Gerald Epstein is a pioneer in using creative visualization as a method of treatment. For nearly 30 years, he has been exclusively dedicated to the development of these unusual methods of healing and has gained an international …

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16 Beauty Tips for Stressed City Moms

Stressed City Moms

Moms should get more credit for bringing up kids in such a fast-paced and stressful environment we have now, and not losing themselves in the process. Even amidst the daily stresses of taking care of your kids and the hustle and bustle of city life, you should make time for …

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Heal Your Body With The Help Of Earth Energy

Earth Energy

Subtle earthy element in the spiritual tradition of Yoga system multilevel System of Oriental wisdom which is the Yoga of the earth’s subtle energy studied at a depth hitherto untouched by any other system of the East or West, this Science and the origin of other systems such as holistic …

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The Healing Power Of Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds

The natural sounds of the five types of sensations, the sound is the most sensory form contact elevate. Therefore, it is the most appropriate vehicle or carrier of information. Sounds represent the most appropriate through which communication is achieved in nature. The sound is the very essence of communication, not …

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Slow Lymphatic system causes snoring and sleep apnea. Effective ways to keep your lymphatic system clean and healthy

Lymphatic system

What you may have heard about the lymphatic system is that it is comparable to the sewers. When there is a blockage in any of the ducts in your home you might feel not-so-pleasant odor coming from the sink. This occurs where an accumulation of particles, such as hair and …

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The Link Between Emotions And Our Body

Emotions And Our Body

For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine has shown that each organ in our body corresponds to certain emotions. And Greek medicine was talking about what links exist between the organs of the body and emotions, and how the latter can influence health status. If her beneficial, harmonious, stenice, helps …

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