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Relaxing Herb Chamomile For Strong Nerves

by Tatiana Plesco
Chamomile For Strong Nerves

Chamomile tea is the tea that everyone knows, but hardly anyone has heard anything about chamomile smoothie. He is a beautiful companion for stressful times, relaxes, and calms the nerves. Chamomile can be enjoyed not only as a tea. Chamomile soothes, dissolves fears, and relaxes. If you are stressed, the next time you feel tired, you urgently want to try a chamomile smoothie. It is almost incredible what a little chamomile can do well for you.

Chamomile has long been known as a calming, relaxing herb. It contains substances that act in the brain, similar to pharmaceutical tranquilizers. Canadian studies show that chamomile has a “significant impact” even on anxiety disorders. A flavonoid in the chamomile, the so-called apigenin, could be responsible for the anxiolytic and sedative properties of the plant. The effects of the herb on the receptors in the brain are similar to those of Valium or Xanax. Unlike these drugs, however, chamomile has no dangerous side effects and does not make you dependent on it. Another mechanism of action of chamomile is its ability to increase the Glycine in the body. Glycine is an amino acid that calms the body, among other nerves and muscles.

  • Chamomile smoothie exceeds the chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea is the most popular tea worldwide. It can be easily prepared by brewing fresh or dried flowers. But most people have never heard or read of a chamomile smoothie. A chamomile smoothie is likely an even more effective relaxation, and sedative be than the conventional chamomile tea. With a smoothie, you use the entire plant, however, while the tea is merely a flower extract. The fresh chamomile flowers particularly have strong effects. If you see somewhere chamomile plants for your balcony or garden, go on and buy it. You can then – as soon as the stress is on the march or the nerves are again blank – pick some flower buds and then prepare a smoothie. A few minutes after drinking the smoothies, you can feel, volatilize stress, and tension. For the really serious and nerve-wracking times, you should make to drink every few hours a chamomile smoothie. Chamomile flowers can also be dried naturally, or you can buy them in your bio or herb shop. Note, however, that it is the whole flower heads and not some inferior chamomile crumbs.

  • The chamomile smoothie recipe

To prepare a chamomile smoothie, you need only 8 to 10 fresh or dried chamomile flowers, which you then turn in the blender with fruit and some water to make a delicious smoothie. And you always can play and experiment in the kitchen using the fruits you have at hand, and of course, the best ones to use are those you have in season at the moment. I recommend while preparing a chamomile smoothie, do not use any dairy product because, in this way, you will decrease the action of valuable flavonoids from the herb.

  • When you could prepare a chamomile smoothie:

If your kids freak out again or are about to have a fit, then you should keep them a chamomile smoothie under the nose. At best, you also drink the same one.

If you have an aggressive spouse or another family member aggressive, you can also use the chamomile smoothies, and it would be wonderful if they would consume it regularly. Also, when you are overworked or have the feeling of not being able to relax, drink a chamomile smoothie. If you are afraid, afraid, nervous, and irritable, drink a chamomile smoothie, preferably immediately after the stress-inducing situation!

  • Foods affect our emotions.

In our society, it is assumed that tension and stress are normal and connected with our busy lives and our toxic environment. Often enough, but our feelings are dependent on what we eat and drink, and then what is going on with ourselves. Some foods stimulate the nervous system and make us susceptible to stress. Some foods can make them satisfied and relaxed. Chamomile is one of the latter. It helps us to feel better again. Chamomile is often used as a sleep aid, as well as stomach problems or inflammation. However, people with an allergy to Ragweed and Daisy family should not use chamomile.

Updated: 20 July 2020

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