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Chia Seeds – The Healing Seeds Of May

by Tatiana Plesco
chia seeds

For the ancient Mayan population, the chia seeds were both staple food and medicine. Meanwhile, Europe became aware of the superfood of Mexico, because this small seed has a lot to offer to the human health. It has an enormous level of antioxidants, calcium, potassium, iron, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. We want to introduce these nutrient-charged seeds and give you some creative recipes in hand. Chia seed

  • Chia Seeds – the energy source of the Maya

Have you ever heard of chia seeds? The small seeds from Mexico, Central, and South America are currently conquering the healthcare market. As a superfood, various healing powers attributed to this tiny seed. The chia is a plant (Salvia Hispanica) from the mint family, which was already known to the Maya. In those ancient cultures, the protein-rich seeds were a staple food and mainly served the running messengers as an energized companion. Translated, originating from the language of the Maya name chia, therefore, means “strength.” If you believe in the Mexican folk medicine, a single teaspoon of chia seeds is sufficient to provide a person for 24 hours with enough nutrients.

What nutrients does this “Super Food” have to offer? Chia is indeed a “Super Food.” Why? These seeds are superior in comparison with other foods in their nutritional composition. They contain, on average, twice as much protein as other seeds or grains and provide a good ratio of omega-three and omega-six fatty acids. Their calcium exceeds the content of the milk five times. Also, chia seeds offer the trace element boron, which supports the calcium absorption in the body. The potassium content in chia seeds is twice as high as in bananas, and also in terms of iron, they are three times more productive than spinach. With three times the amount of antioxidants, chia seeds take even the blueberries off from the health throne. Unlike flax seeds, they are also much more durable and, therefore, suitable for food for the stock. Chia seeds can be easily kept four to five years without losing their nutrient content, sacrificing their taste or their smell.

  • Chia Seeds – The best food?

Holistic nutritionist raving about chia seeds, because the small nutrient bombs provide long-lasting energy and will also facilitate the digestion of other foods. As part of a meal, they have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. The energy from food is thus released slowly into the body and allows a longer endurance. This effect is of interest not only for athletes but also benefits people with diabetes. By soaking chia seeds before eating it, they can also store large quantities of liquid and thus maintain the water balance in the body, especially on exertion, without being too heavy in the stomach. The swelling enlarges the seeds in volume within ten minutes around the nine- to twelve times as a digestive broom and sweeps through the gastrointestinal tract. Another advantage of chia seeds compared to protein-rich grain is that they are gluten-free. Anyone who has a gluten intolerance or gluten protein they find in this power-seed a quality alternative.  

  • Chia Seeds – Soothing and building

  Chia seeds Even the ancient cultures of the Maya and Aztecs discovered the healing power of chia seeds. Their strength is to bind acids and toxins proceeds of purging. At the same time, their large nutrient density promotes healthy tissue structure, not least for the development of new life during pregnancy is of great value. The seeds have a mild, pleasant taste and, therefore, can easily be combined with other foods. There are Chia Recipes for smoothies, puddings, pastries, dressings, etc. The raw seeds can be, for example, sprinkle over salads or integrate into cereal mixture. In the fresh food kitchen, ground chia seeds replace conventional flour.

Updated on 18 July 2020

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