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Christmas Day – How People Celebrate Christmas Day

by Tatiana Plesco
celebrate Christmas day

Christmas Day 2016 – How People Celebrate Christmas Day, 25th December is celebrated as Christmas Day, every year, remembering the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is adored by people as the Son of God and the Savior of the World and is the chief figure of Christianity. This day is observed as the main festival and national holiday in most nation-states, which may or may not constitute of a fully Christian population. Days before Christmas, people ornament their homes and gardens with lights. Beautifully ornamented Christmas trees also adorn most houses and place of work.

Celebrate Christmas Day

Special banquets of Turkey, meat, gravy, seed potato, and vegetables along with desserts of Christmas pudding, mince pies, and fruit cakes are managing for family and friends. Folks exchange gifts, greeting valentines and wishes, and bond over this day. Attending church service along with participating in parades and processions on days preceding Christmas and singing carols is a general practice.

According to popular custom, Jesus was born to Mary in the urban of Bethlehem. His birth took place in a stable that was enclosed by farm animals. Shepherds of the surrounding areas of Bethlehem were the first persons to see the child, as they had been told of this birth by a guardian angel. Three kings also came to visit the child Jesus, bringing with them gifts of gilded, frankincense and myrrh. These tourists were said to be following the enigmatic Star of Bethlehem.

Star of Bethlehem

Nowadays, Christmas is celebrated in most places by a re-enactment of this Nativity act. Special events such as theatrical plays or concerts are organized by Sunday schools, ministers, and various communities. Christmas is also related with mythological characters of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus, who bring gifts to kids.

Economically, this holiday becomes a key sales period for retailers and businessmen, due to the heightened practice of gift-exchanging, party managing, and merrymaking which comprises preparation of special feasts escorted with music and dance. In honor of this festival, numerous people donate their time and cash to worthy causes, by providing assistance to the needy and sharing love and warmth with family, friends and the public as a whole.

In India, people ornament their houses, make feasts, exchange gifts, attend church and sing carols to rejoice Christmas. Schools run by Christian preachers in India play an important part by staging birth of Christ lays. In several Indian states, banana or mango trees are ornamented instead of the customary lines.

exchange gifts
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Goa is the most thrilling place to be in India during the Christmas era. The atmosphere is exhilarating with Goa melody and dance. Catholics in Goa participate in the customary midnight mass facility which is called Missa de Galo or Cock Crow. Apart from this, The Carnival preceding lent is the most significant event at Goa.

Today Christmas day is celebrated all over the globe with vigor and excitement.

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