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Coconut Oil – Why Is It So Popular?

by Tatiana Plesco
Coconut Oil

It is classified as one of the super foods that we have. It is very healthy and can help cure a lot of diseases. It increases the burn fat, ensuring more energy to our organism, has positive effects on the health and improves the functioning of the brain. The following benefits of the coconut oil have been experimentally reaffirmed by researchers.

The coconut oil contains a mixture of fatty acids, which have healing qualities. The saturated fat, which had been considered in the past to be unhealthy, turns out to be completely harmless. The medium chain triglyceride it contains can help in healing some brain disturbances. It has been noticed that nations, who eat a lot of coconut oils are one of the healthiest. They rarely suffer from heart diseases and have wonderful health.

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Around half of the fatty acids in the coconut oil consist of lauric acid. When digested, coconut oil creates monolaurin. Monolaurin and lauric acid can kill dangerous for the health microbes, bacteria, different fungi, and viruses. Among the pathogens they can kill are Candida Albicans and Staphylococcus Aureus, which both are very dangerous.

The medium chain triglyceride increases a lot the energy expenditure of the body. This way coconut oil can help you burn more calories, lose weight and solve health problems like obesity. Coconut oil reduces your appetite and can make you eat less by satiating you. Studies have shown that people who have consumed coconut oil, need to eat less and feel more satiated than others, who haven’t. This makes coconut oil the perfect food product for reducing your weight without efforts. The fatty acids in the oil are the ones that reduce appetite and help decrease obesity.

The fatty acids, when consumed turn into ketone bodies and help in reducing epileptic faints in children. This is another healthy feature of the coconut oil. It effectively decreases the faints in children.

Another important good feature of the coconut oil is the fact that it reduces the risk of heart diseases. It has plenty of saturated fats, which increase the level of the good cholesterol in the human body. It has a better effect in reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good than soybean oil. Studies had been done both with both humans and rats to prove this. These properties of the coconut oil make it successful in reducing the risk of heart attacks when consumed frequently.

Besides eating it, coconut oil can be used on the hair and skin, having effects on them. It is a product sold pure and mixed with other cosmetic products like sunscreen protection lotions, creams, and other products for the hair and skin. It keeps the hair protected from damage, moisturizes the skin and has a sunscreen effect on it. That’s why it is so often used in the cosmetics in a lot of products. Coconut oil blocks around 20% of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is also used in as a mouthwash product for fresh breath, as it kills some of the deleterious bacteria in the mouth. Another important quality of the oil, which makes it so popular is its ability to make better your dental health. It also decreases the symptoms of Alzheimer’s diseases.

 Do you still wonder why is coconut oil so popular and used? The good effect it has on the body when consumed and applied to the skin or hair, are the main reasons for that. Although in the past it had been considered harmful, because of its fat, they turned out to be rather healthy than dangerous.

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Kate Chamomile provides Office Cleaning Solutions and has limited free time but health is her top priority. She uses coconut oil not only for beauty purposes but for cooking as well.

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