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Why Cold Shower Is Great For Your Health?

by Tatiana Plesco
Cold Shower

Do you take showers daily? Have you tried cold showers? If no, you must avail cold shower baths in place of hot shower baths. Cold showers have a significant impact on overall health and wellbeing. You can feel fresh and stay active by taking cold showers in the morning. Water having 0-degree temperature helps in boosting levels of growth hormones such as testosterone and enhancing fertility. You can avoid stress and anxiety by having cold showers. Also, you can improve your lymphatic system that kills germs, infections, and toxins, known for causing health diseases. Therefore, you must enjoy showers such as sub-zero devil water and not hot, humid water. Below, I have shared some reasons why you must take cold showers:

 Helps In Relieving Stress

The most obvious reason to take cold showers is that they help in reducing stress. Cold showers are a great option when you feel tensed or anxious. With cold showers, you can reduce levels of uric acid that cause problems in mind. Instead, you can stimulate levels of Glutathione (present in the blood). Moreover, you can also increase the secretion of hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. All these hormones help in reducing stress and providing calmness.

Help in Losing Weight

Indeed, you can lose your body fat by taking cold showers. Cold showers help in stimulating brown fat, the fat that generates heat and increases the body temperature. This fat helps in burning a lot of calories. Brown fat also offers energy required for performing daily life activities. Therefore, you can make a significant impact on your health or your body weight by taking cold showers. According to professionals, cold showers help in increasing brown fat by 12-15 percent, which means you can lose 7-8 pounds of fat every year. Furthermore, ice baths help in losing weight at a much faster rate.

Helps In Building Strong Will Power

Building Strong Will Power Cold Showers

Building Strong Will Power

If you want to become emotionally stable, you need to take cold showers. If you perform some action such as taking ice water baths, you can certainly improve your mental strength. Once tried, you can neglect your fear and become more confident. You can adjust your confidence and become motivated to perform several other complicated tasks. Cold showers help in making the body adapted to oxidative stress and other challenging conditions. You can achieve a higher tolerance for stress and anxiety. So, whenever you face difficult or complicated situations, you can survive them easily. You can feel relaxed and perform your work without getting hurt.

 Helps In Enhancing The Skin And Hair

Indeed, you must not forget about your beauty. Cold showers do help in removing dead skin cells and maintaining natural oils. As a result, there occurs glowing and healthy skin. If we talk about hair, cold showers help in keeping the hair follicles flat and enhancing the strength of the hair scalp. You will not face hair fall and hair loss problems. Instead, you can get stronger and shiny hair. By reading beauty benefits, you will surely get motivated to take cold showers.

 Helps In Improving Blood Circulation

If you have the habit of taking cold showers, you cannot face a problem in maintaining your circulatory. Cold showers send blood to different organs and make them work wonderfully. Cold showers are particularly helpful in achieving average body temperature. In short, cold showers are great for maintaining overall cardiovascular fitness. Not only blood, but the lymphatic vessels can also get beneficial effects by taking cold showers. The regulation of the lymphatic flow eliminates toxins and germs from the body. Therefore, if you take cold showers regularly, you can protect yourself from health problems and harmful diseases.

 Helps In Recovering Muscles

Cold showers are one of the best ways of recovering body muscles. With cold showers, you can fix injuries and make your body muscles to perform well again. By taking the ice-cold water bath, you can improve your blood circulation and remove some lactic acid from your body. You don’t need to perform specific training for recovering your muscles. A regular cold shower is enough for performing challenging activities. So, if you want to improve your body muscles or want to condition it for a particular event, you must go for cold showers. For acquiring benefits in shorter periods, you need to take showers two times in a day.

 Helps In Boosting Hormonal Levels

Exercises help in regulating levels of happy hormones such as serotonin and endorphins while cold showers help in regulating levels of growth hormones such as

  1. Testosterone
  2. Somatotropin

Cold showers improve the functioning of DNA and RNA cells. They also help in providing high protein content, particularly required in the male testes. Heat and temperature degrade protein synthesis and cause problems in growing body muscles. Body muscles do not avail sufficient growth because of higher temperatures. Cold showers occur out to be a fabulous way of providing adequate growth. You can avail of a lot of energy by having an ice-cold shower in the morning.

Helps in Providing Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

You must stop taking pills and drugs to get a definite amount of sleep. These medicines offer several types of side-effects. Instead of pills, you should go for colder showers. According to physicians, you can get a fabulous night’s sleep by having cold showers in the morning. Just by spending some water with cold water, you can avoid tiredness or fatigue in the night. Contrarily, cold showers also help in waking up early. If you take cold showers, you can increase your alertness and can wake up early in the morning.

Summing Up

Many facts prove that a cold shower is excellent for health. Early morning cold showers help in avoiding stress and providing freshness and relaxation in the entire day. Not white fat, but brown fat (the fat that stimulates calorie-burning rate) can be raised by taking cold showers. With cold showers, you can build strong willpower and enhance your beauty (hair and skin). You can also improve the lymphatic system and avoid diseases caused by bacteria, infections, and germs. If you take cold showers, you do not need to perform specific training for recovering your muscles. Cold showers not only help in providing better sleep, but they also help in waking up in the morning. Therefore, make a habit of taking cold showers for staying fit and healthy.

Updated on12/11/2019

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