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Some Common Hair Problems And Their Solutions

by Tatiana Plesco
common hair problems

No one denies the role of hair in providing better and amazing look. After the dress and jewelry, hair also forms an important element of beauty concepts. Therefore, people look for ways through which they can improve their hair along with the skin. But, many people especially females face problems such as dry hair, thin hair, and hair loss. These problems occur because of various things. In some cases, pollution contributes in degrading or falling hair. Stress or tensions also play a decent role in hair fall and hair loss. And last, age is the factor that causes hair problems. The majority of women faces these problems and fails to look beautiful or splendid. Therefore, it is important to look for solutions. Well, you must not use chemical treatments or hair tools that involve excessive heat. These things have the capability of worsening things. Instead, you should use natural products or home remedies for treating your damaged or greasy hair. In this article, I have shared some common hair problems and suggested remedies for curing them:

  • Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems which is faced by people these days. Not only women but men also face this problem. Due to constant hair fall problems, men even acquires complete baldness. In addition to poor hair strengtheners and blow dryers, some diseases also cause hair fall problems. Diabetes, blood sugar, and thyroid related problems are the common causes of hair loss. Elastic bands and braids lead to hair loss at the traction alopecia. Moreover, women also face hair face problems during pregnancies. Some common scalp infections include tinea capitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and folliculitis.

  • Remedies

For preventing hair fall problems

  1. You should use aloe vera that contains enzymes known for enhancing hair growth
  2. You should make a paste of fenugreek (methi) that helps in rebuilding hair follicles. Fenugreek contains nicotinic acid, proteins, and other minerals that improve hair growth.
  3. You should drink onion juice that helps in killing parasites, germs, and other infections.
  4. You can also use some important oils such as sesame oil, lavender oil, bay oil, etc.
  5. You should apply pastes made of eggs, yogurt, and oils.
  6. If you want to remove moisture from your hair, you should massage your hair with several oils.
  • Gray Hair

Anyone can acquire gray hair. Sometimes this problem naturally and at other times hair becomes gray because of poor hair dyes. Hair becomes silver, white or gray because of melanin content. Actually, various cells of the hair follicles get weak and even die in the older age. As a result, melanin also gets lost.

Solutions –

  1. For curing your gray hair, you should use a vegetable dye that contains very low-peroxide. By applying this dye, you can stain an only half section of the hair. Half section of the hair gets colored, and other section of the hair offers the natural look.
  2. If your hair contains several streaks of gray, you should use a semi-permanent color that provides natural black color to hair. Semi-permanent dyes contain peroxide that helps in the lightening of hair. With this dye, you can get a slightly darker color.
  3. Well, if your scalp contains about 30% gray hair, you need to use a permanent dye. You should use the dye that contains very high peroxide. Even with fabulous shampoos, you cannot remove natural gray roots from your scalp. For enhanced results, you can add touchups and highlighters.
  • Frizzy Hair

Many people especially women fail to impress others because of frizz hair. Hair becomes frizzy become of the damage in the cuticles. Cuticles get damaged just like the old shingles. Due to this, hair becomes damaged and offers the bad look. This problem also occurs in most of the persons. The scalp, the root both get impaired by frizz. Women are frazzled because of frizzy hair. There are several reasons for frizz or dry hair. It might be that you are not consuming enough water. Or you are not providing too much protein to your hair. Some people also face hair frizz problems because of over-processed chemicals such as bleach or use of hair solutions that contain keratin.


  • One of the best ways to cure frizz hair is re-moisturization or re-hydration. You can use better quality conditioners and shampoos for treating your hair. If you don’t know about the best products, you can go for Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment, Ouidad Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner or L’Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-free Smoothing System Deep Conditioner.

In addition to this, you can follow this tips:

  1. You should drink a proper amount of water and consume a healthy/balanced diet.
  2. You should avoid unnecessary or too much protein on your hair.
  3. You should sleep by wearing silk or satin accessories that help in preventing hair against dry materials.
  4. You should use better quality products that offer deep conditioning.
  5. You should avoid too many heat protectants and hair straighteners that involve very high temperature.
  • Some Best Oils for Curing Frizz

  1. Sunflower oil that contains linoleic acid, a wonderful fatty acid for hydration
  2. Coconut Oil that easily penetrates into the hair shaft and minimizes protein loss
  3. Avocado oil that contains high saturated fat, known for providing a great amount of moisture
  4. Argon oil that helps in protecting the hair cuticle from humidity and other external elements
  5. Olive oil that contains vitamin E, a mineral or an antioxidant which is great for moisture and growth
  • Greasy hair

And the last problem that people face is from greasy hair. Women mostly develop greasy hair during puberty and pregnancy. When the body produces very high sebum, there occurs grease in the scalp. Hormones also fail to control this problem, and the entire look of hair gets worsened. Some bad hair management habits also contribute to this problem.


  1. For curing this problem, first, you need to go to your doctor and asks how to improve the function of hormones present in the body.
  2. You should dry your hair root or scalp by using a clarifying shampoo.
  3. For breaking your sebum production oil, you should need to limit your habit of washing hair.
  4. You should use cold water when washing your hair with shampoos or conditioners.
  5. You need to minimize the use of hair dryers and hair straighteners.

Final Verdict

By following some tips, you can avoid hair problems and enhance your beauty with better hairstyles. For avoiding hair fall or hair loss problems, you should use aloe vera, a mixture of egg and yogurt and you should make a habit of drinking orange juice. If you want to cure your gray hair, you should use dyes that contain a decent amount of peroxide. By using conditioners and shampoos that provide wonderful moisturization, you can treat frizzy hair. The problem of greasy, oily hair can be reduced by limiting the use of blow dryers and by using cold water for washing hair. I hope, you will follow these tips and prevent your hair from damage, impairment, and frizz. Good luck.


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