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Cosmetic Procedures: For Progressive Millennial’s, Different Isn’t Always Better

by Tatiana Plesco
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You would think that in the generation of young Millennials ages 18-34, aware and tech-savvy individuals that they are, that new and cutting edge would always be their go-to choice for everything from cell phones to toilet paper.

When it comes to elective, cosmetic procedures apparently, there is nothing new under the sun.

It would seem that the standard complaints remain no matter your age, prompting this generation to go under the knife for classic fixes to improve their self-image, and their Tinder swiping game.

What do millennials want to fix most about their appearance in 2018?

Let’s take a look at the top 3procedures being snapped up by Millennials as we speak.

  1. Breast Lift/Augmentation

Breast lifts and augmentations have been around for decades and nothing has changed with the younger set.

Women feeling lackluster about what Mother Nature (or their own mother) has served up in the ‘top shelf’ department are still prone to wanting to ‘fix’ this central area of their womanhood.  This is especially prevalent as millennials enter their 30’s.

The old stigma’s and societal surprise at breast augmentation or breast lifts are very much a thing of the past.  A growing number of women worldwide have moved in the direction of making their best-bosom dreams come true with surgery, making this a rather routine procedure that’s held under not nearly as much scrutiny as in decades past.

breast lift

Many views giving mother nature a hand with lifting sagging tissue is going to be beneficial to keep a more youthful appearance for longer – so those who don’t have an issue with the size of their breasts opt for a simple lift to increase perkiness. Others still have their sights set on improved breast symmetry.

If size is someone’s chief concern, full breast augmentation is still the most popular procedure among female millennials. Here they actually can enjoy the most cutting-edge procedures where their own body fat can be transferred into the breasts, instead of synthetic bags filled with saline.

This new form of natural augmentation involves transferring fat from hips, waist or thighs into the breast, achieving bigger and shapelier breasts – without any dangerous implants!  There are many advantages to this more natural approach.  Women who want to achieve cleavage while at the same time reshape other body areas are flocking to clinics everywhere to sign up for natural augmentation procedures.

Many millennials are opting for this type of augmentation for a more natural look and feel, while simultaneously easing their fears about the risks posed by housing foreign substances such as saline or silicone in their body, as is common with more traditional methods of breast augmentation procedures.

  1. Rhinoplasty…or nose job if you prefer

If breasts are a primary concern, then noses area close second.

Facts are facts: You simply cannot have the perfect selfie without the perfect nose. Nose-siree!

In an age of social media where likes and comments rule, a crooked, too large, off-center, or misshapen nose can threaten to leave you follower-less in today’s version of the ultimate popularity contest. A constant barrage of comments and critiques today have millennials searching for the perfect profile for their ‘personal brand’.


On a serious note, the results of rhinoplasty can be highly satisfying for young patients who are so self-conscious about their nose that it affects their confidence and social life in a real way.  With today’s sophisticated surgery procedures, scars are pretty much, invisible and recovery is also easier than ever.

If you are reading this and considering having your nose reshaped with surgery, be sure and do your homework.  Not many know that even the most expert rhinoplasty procedure may require revision surgery– depending on how your nose tissue takes to healing.  What’s more, it can take up to a full year before your true final results show.  It’s extremely important to go into any surgical procedure (particularly, cosmetic) with realistic expectations.

  1. Liposuction

No “top” cosmetic procedure list would be complete without a way to stay fit and trim…if only visually.

In keeping with their other traditional choices, liposuction is still as popular as ever with Millennials as a way to battle the bulge and keep their figures trim.

While some criticize this generation and brand this approach as is lazy, it could be argued instead that Millennials are simply far more efficient with their time, opting for liposuction rather than spending countless hours in the gym to maintain a healthy weight.

With fast food on every street corner, sedentary lifestyles categorized by careers spent sitting in front of computer screens along with the stresses of modern life – weight management is an ever-increasing struggle for many. It is not hard to fathom why many in the Millennial generation are turning to liposuction to maintain a healthy weight and why it remains a top procedure in this day and age.


It seems even the most progressive generation in our society is redefining set traditions and the traditional values spectrum and forging their way forward with signature flair. They are boundary pushers and in many respects, they seem to be getting what they want.

The persuasive pressures of social media, and accompanying compulsion to confirm, along with illusions of perfection are solidly cemented in the Millennial consciousness – and these don’t look like they will be changing any time soon. Perhaps the next generation will manage more easily to accept and celebrate their natural looks, but if history is any indication the cosmetic surgery industry will certainly not suffer because the human quest for perfection is set to continue for generations yet to come.


Updated: 9 April 2019

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