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Cosmetics Industry Hunts On Men

by Tatiana Plesco
Cosmetics Industry Hunts On Men

Cosmetics Industry Hunts On Men, In recent decades, the use of skin care products was only for women, but that has long since changed. Today’s men are also vain and do it the same women. Increasingly, they also really for their personal care in the cream pot – much to the delight of the cosmetics industry. A new target group – plus one of the most solvent – allows very different growth dimensions. The hunt is on.

  • Men are coveted as a consumer

Men pay attention increasingly on their appearance. Not only fashionable right type of clothing appears more important than ever. The overall appearance must be consistent. Therefore to look like a “man” and have a beautiful skin will cost some.

This is what makes the men of today highly coveted consumers. The advertising strategists appointed by the cosmetic manufacturers have already convinced many men. But there is certainly more.

Since men in the field of cosmetics are rather “newcomers”, they can be an attractive target to the cosmetics industry and can be convinced by advertisements even faster than the female sex. Finally, women can draw on a much longer experience, when it comes to the credibility of the advertising claims in the cosmetics sector.

  • Men’s skin is becoming increasingly sensitive

Of course, it is right that men’s skin needs proper care and attention. Finally, the stressful environmental conditions have a great impact on the skin – no matter whether it is female or a male. This is one reason that men’s skin is becoming increasingly sensitive.

Men's skin is becoming increasingly sensitive
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The conventional cosmetic products, such as shower gel, shampoo, deodorant and shaving cream, which are proposed to men by advertisements for the daily use, also increase sensitivities of men’s skin. Responsible for this is the synthetic ingredients contained such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, talc, isopropyl, synthetic fragrances, etc. These substances irritate the skin; they dry out and can cause allergic reactions.

A good example of this is the morning shave. Most men can confirm that the morning shave harms their facial skin tremendously. At fault are the aggressive ingredients of the shaving cream. Who takes a closer look ingredients list? Not many. But even if one does, one hardly can decipher the long list of ingredients.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take the trouble. Some of the substances contained in it have the task of exerting a stimulus to the beard hair follicles so that they straighten up. This process will apparently have a perfect shave result. But, the sensitive facial skin will just be irritated, so that follicles and skin equally well.

  •  Aftershave can damage the health

An additional threat posed by shaving is that an irritated skin quickly tends to tear down on its surface. It creates small to large-sized cuts. And then the man receives a “soothing” aftershave lotion on. The short-term appearing of the burning of the skin, caused by the contained ethanol (alcohol) is usually considered acceptable. So far, so good. If it wasn’t for the ingredients which contained numerous chemical that is applied directly open wound – be it large or small, they enter the bloodstream immediately. Faster than a broken skin, the harmful substances cannot be funneled into the body.

damage the health

But even without an injury to the skin, the harmful ingredients of conventional cosmetic products penetrate in the body. Everything that is applied to the skin passes through the pores in the bloodstream. And that’s what makes this beauty so harmful. Therefore, skin care products should be in principle free of chemical substances.

  • Decide on nature

Fortunately, the selection of natural face and body care for men is today greater than ever. The trade offers plenty of different natural products. The natural cosmetics are able to regenerate and protect the highly stressed male skin.

For example, an alcohol-free and moisturizing face lotion after shaving the skin actually soothes and cares. An excellent choice as well for regeneration stressed male skin is a fat-free gel that same time protects against skin aging. And of course, there are also many natural alkaline body care products such as shampoos, shower gels, body lotions, and deodorants, which offer men’s skin and contribute to a neat, attractive appearance.

Therefore, our recommendation is to all men: Take care of your skin without harming your health. Why not join them for natural cosmetic products – its worth.

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