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Creating A Passion Of Love To A Woman

by Tatiana Plesco
Creating A Passion Of Love To A Woman

When people imagine making love, the first thing that comes to their mind is the corporeal aspect. It love goes far beyond what the eyes can perceive. Even though lovemaking consists of many things, we are only going to center on the mental and physical aspects. Without realizing it, the simple things we do are considered making love. Making love is like a waterfall; it’s full of enthusiasm and desire. It is like the deepest sea; it’s random and deep beyond conception. Making love is like music; it gives you the best melody and agreement. It makes two people connect in a way that they become one. And if you want to make love to a woman, you must understand a woman.

In the first phase, you must alter your definition of a woman. A woman is a God sent an angel who was put on this earth to make the world go around. The sun rises and sets in a woman; there’s nothing like a smile from a woman to begin your day off right. Without a woman, the world as we make out it would not exist. Whether you agree or disagree, this is how you must view all women in the beginning.

In the second stage, you must be able to appreciate a woman and yourself. You must know what a woman wants and what makes her heart feel warm and entire. You require to know your place in life and know what you want out of life. You need to know what you want in a woman and what makes your heart warm when it comes to a woman. You must also know your strengths and weaknesses and not be afraid to accurate your weaknesses.

In the third stage, you expand tolerance and take the first step in the mental segment of lovemaking. Men will ask, “How do you discover a woman to make love to?” You don’t come across a woman to make love to you; you must allow the moment or the woman find you. Sometimes, when you go out and look for for a woman, you wind up vacant handed or you come back with a woman who is not right for you. Your mind starts to play tricks on you and makes you believe in something that does not live. There is really no length of time that you should linger for love. It will all come in due time. Love is patient, and you have to have a high level of tolerance to make love. It is hard to tell if you found the right woman. Once you meet a woman who interests you, it’s up to you to get her interest. Just be you; don’t try and act like someone else.

expand tolerance in love
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In the fourth step, the mental act of lovemaking continues to expand. It can start with an easy phone call or a night on the town. If the two of you exchanged numbers, it’s appropriate that you call her first, but do not call her the same day that you meet her. It may be a little haughty for her, so wait until the next day. Be genuine with your early phone call and try to keep away from a long “moment of silence.” Let her make out that she was on your mind and in your thoughts. Remember, she had a life before she met you. Her life does not stop for you nor does it circle around you. If you ask her out and she already has a date, then reschedule. Don’t show signs of approach, which may cause her to misplace any interest she has in you. Carry on with the phone conversations and continue to learn more about her. The learning procedure is an ongoing process. You could possibly use up every day of the rest of your life learning about this woman. When you finally obtain her on the first date, finish it by giving her a single white rose. Decide the color white because it represents cleanliness; it lets her know that your thoughts and feelings are clean. Choose a single rose because her mind will be liable to enlarge more on a single rose than a dozen. The more time you spend together, the more “love” you are making. Making love is a simple smile, a “hello,” or even a kiss. Making love is calling to say, “I was thinking about you.” Making love is sending her flowers, cards, and notes to let her know that she is special. Making love is spending superiority time with her and making her feel secure and protected.

Now that you have just gotten inside of her mind, you have just stimulated her soul. Her soul in turns affects her mind and stimulates her heart. Now that you have her heart stimulated, you have just caused her mind to question her heart. That is natural, so look forward to it. At this point, you need to keep securing her mind until her mind agrees with her heart. Once they see eye to eye with one another, she is at ease and secure in what you two have established.

Passion Of Love

The final stage of making love to a woman is the physical take action itself. People have asked me, “How can you make love to someone that you don’t love?” I would always respond, “You have to create love with someone in order to love someone.” You have to look at the physical act of lovemaking as an art. It is something beautiful and invaluable. Each arc on her body is an adventure in itself. Her body becomes the picture and you become the artist. By this point, you should know what turns her on bodily. You will not be self-centered, and you must ruin her. In other words, the first physical encounter between the two of you is all about her. She gets your full and undivided attention with no distractions. Take it nice and slow. There’s no need to hurry; you have all night. And, as the artist… you will begin to paint. Without saying a word, begin kissing her on the neck, and carry her to the room (or wherever you desire to make love). You will lay her down gently and start to kiss her on the lips. You must be very gentle in whatever you do. Treat her as if she is a slight rose petal. Kiss and caress her all over her body until you have covered every part. Make sure her dreams are filled with visions of eternal bliss. You two will embrace and become one. Seal it with a soft gentle kiss the forehead. Then, hold her close, and enjoy the aftermath. During this magical moment, you have just stimulated her mind, touched her body, and felt her soul.

Updated: 12-02-2018

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