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Cure Diseases and Strengthen Your Immune System With Yeast

by Tatiana Plesco
Yeast flakes
For hundreds of years people seek natural immunomodulators that help to regulate the immune system without side effects and in all these years we needed to look only in fruit and vegetables. The plants produce thousands of active compounds, of which may regulate the human immune system and beside them, there are also the mushrooms.
Mushrooms are used for hundreds of years as medicinal remedies. Some of these have proven that they can stimulate the immune system function. Thus, a type of fiber present in shiitake mushrooms used in chemotherapy, intravenous injection to counteract the side effects of cancer and strengthen immune defense systems of the body.
Over 6000 works have been published about the so told, beta-glucani, but almost all of the data about preventing infection originated from a Petri dish or studies on animal laboratory, until a few years ago when a series of experiments on athletes demonstrated the benefits of marathon runners.
 Beta glucanii
Beta glucanii present in yeast, bakers used Brewer’s yeast and yeast inactive helps to strengthen the capacity of the body’s defense against pathogens, even to those who aren’t athletes, according to a double-blind study, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Recurrent colds common fell 25% in those who ate the equivalent of a tablespoon of yeast per day and were seen fewer sleep difficulties associated with colds when they got sick.
They have tried with half a tablespoon and the result was just as good. The subjects exhibited a significant decrease in incidents and a reduction in the common cold symptoms. Why did this happen? The study found that symptoms not only diminished, but also the mood seemed to improve, such as a significant feeling of ‘ energy ‘. This has led researchers to conclude that the fibers from yeast can counter the effects of stress on the immune system.
In terms of side effects, two people reported stomach aches, but both were in the placebo group.
 stomach aches
Unlike antibiotics and antiviral drugs, which are made to destroy pathogens causing compounds directly from yeast seem to act by stimulating the immunity and therefore do not have the side effects of antibiotics. It is assumed that they stimulate defense systems because they are considered agents of the foreign body. But if they are treated as foreign bodies, can trigger an inflammatory response? It seems that these compounds may have a fiber anti-inflammatory effect, suggesting that the yeast inactive can act on both plans: causes the immune system to react, on the one hand, and inhibit inflammatory compounds, on the other hand.
causes the immune system
Yeast contains purines, so many persons suffering from gout, uric acid, and kidney stones or people who have recently undergone an organ transplant is good to limit consumption to no more than a teaspoon a day.
Regarding the contraindications for the rest of the population, there are some companies in the West that warn on their packaging that the product may contain a substance which, if exceeded, may promote cancer or birth defects. But what substance are they talking about? It looks like the problem is lead.
The maximum dose of lead in foodstuffs, so as not to constitute a threat to health is 0.5 micrograms of lead/serving/day.  But tests conducted on 8 different brands of inactive yeast have shown that 5 of these contained traces of lead (0.01 ppm) 1 0.011 ppm “(which means that it is necessary a consumption of 7 tablespoons a day to exceed the maximum dose) 0.021 ppm, 1 “(which means that you need 6 tablespoons consumption to exceed maximum dose) and, in the latter, contained 1 0.012 ppm (which means that you need 6 tablespoons consumption to exceed maximum dose).
Regardless of brand, a consumption of 2 tablespoons per day is sufficient to comply with the limits of safety.

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