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How To Cure Heal Armpit Rashes

by Tatiana Plesco

It also reasons spots on your skin and makes it bumpy, scaly, and flaky. It can happen at so several places on your body, one such place is the armpit. If you wear a shirt that is washed or cured with any chemical or certain detergent, then that may reason rashes under your armpit. It may even happen due to infection caused by the ingrown locks from shaving. So, if you are having armpit rashes, then it is surely important to heal armpit rashes as soon as possible. It can be healed by using several natural methods.

  • Reasons for Armpit Rashes

  1. Due to makeups, dyes, and detergents
  2. Poison ivy and oak
  • Signs of Armpit Rashes

  1. Bruising
  2. Itchiness in rashes
  3. Plus or release from rashes
  4. Redness, heat or swelling
  5. Experiencing tenderness or ache in rashes
  6. A cough
  7. Fever and chills
  8. A headache
  9. Joint stiffness and ache
  10. A runny nose
  11. A sore throat
  12. Sweating
  • Wear Loose and Comfortable Dresses

If you are having armpit rashes then wear loose dresses that are relaxed and that allows your skin to breathe. Don’t wear tight clothes as rubbing can reason a lot of irritation on the affected skin. Also, don’t wear dresses that contain material that is allergic to you. Rinse your clothes with non-irritant detergent and don’t use cloth softener at any cost. It is one of the best methods to heal armpit rashes from your skin.

  • Stop Shaving Your Arms If it Reasons Irritation

Shaving may reason hair follicles ingrown as well as infected. Therefore, it is surely very important to avoid shaving if it reasons irritation on your skin. If you want to get rid of hairs then try waxing or depilatory (hair removing agent) instead of shaving. It is another great method to heal armpit rashes completely.

  • Apply Olive Oil to Heal Armpit Rashes

Few essential oils may do wonders for the rashes. Apply extra virgin olive oil to heal armpit rashes. It is not only a good moisturizer for the skin, but it even promotes skin renewal. It is also a good antioxidant that helps to heal and decreases itching on the skin. To apply this remedy, follow these steps:

Use rubs extra-virgin olive oil on the affected skin. If you don’t have extra-virgin olive oil then you may also make a combination of equal parts of honey and olive oil and use it on the rashes for a few times daily bases to heal armpit rashes.

The other alternative method is to add little turmeric powder to some olive oil and blend it well. Now, use this mixture on the rashes directly 2to3 times a day for a few days.

  • Consult a Dermatologist

If the fungal contagion doesn’t clear up due to the presence of rashes, then also consult a dermatologist to examine the root problem of the armpit rashes. He/she will prescribe the right medicines to cure armpit rashes.

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