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Cure Psoriasis by Eliminating the Candida that Lives in You

by Tatiana Plesco
Eliminating the Candida
As the National Psoriasis Foundation shows in the U.S., the disease begins with a genetic predisposition, which can be triggered by one or more triggers: stress, skin damage, certain drugs, or an infection (such as infection with Streptococcus).
In December 2014, was published a new study concluded that superantigens and toxins from Candida… plays several roles in the persistence and exacerbation of psoriasis. ” In the survey, 60% of people with psoriasis have had positive results in tests of oral Candida, compared to 20% of the control group and 15% of people with psoriasis have had positive skin tests, compared to just 4% of those in control group.
As we learn more about Candida, we discover that it is a common factor in many autoimmune diseases, if not at all.
A simple definition of autoimmune disease is that the body is confused, no longer works properly, and starts to attack your healthy tissues. Why does this happen? Chronic infections, the duration can be one of the causes, and the chronic disease with Candida fulfills all conditions certainly.
Cure Psoriasis

Candida, we discover that it is a common factor in many autoimmune diseases

We are analyzing the body from a holistic point of view. We know that the filaments of the Candida pierce the tissue as it spreads in the intestines, releasing toxins in the body, destroying the balance between healthy and unhealthy bacteria and affecting, in the end, the small intestine, favoring the emergence of the leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut syndrome allows proteins and other particles to be distributed directly into the bloodstream, triggering a ruthless attack on the part of the immune system against foreign particles that do not recognize and that you do not know how to remove them.

This mechanism forms part of the process that triggers the coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity, taking into account that gluten and proteins released into the bloodstream.

How to heal your body

For improving the body, it is evident that we have adopted proper nutrition, you have removed toxins, and the overcrowding of the Candida, as well as overcrowding and other parasites. Also, the intestines need to heal.

What must you include in the nutrition of healing?

A wide variety of organic foods. Whole, fresh produce and raw-80% of cam whole diet-more vegetables than fruit. Seeds and nuts must hydrate before consumption. It will include nutrition omega-three fatty acids. In the case of autoimmune diseases, dairy products must be removed until the gluten and heal the intestines, and their use may be resumed only after a complete cure. Only through consumer, they no longer trigger any autoimmune symptoms.

nutrition of healing

Nutrition of healing

Of course, a healthy diet should contain 

No processed foods or chemicals

No preservatives

Artificial colorings

Or additives of any kind

Without genetically modified organisms, without the corn syrup with fructose-rich content

Without Wheat 

Caffeine intake should be limited or cut off

Sugar is the enemy of the immune system and feeds Candida. 

If you want to heal your intestines, you need to remove the sugar from eating.

Updated on 10-08-2020

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