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Custom Orthotics Is Here To Help

by Tatiana Plesco
Custom Orthotics Is Here To Help

Custom orthotics created a lot of stir since they hit the market in the 1970s. With a significant boom in the daily runners and joggers, custom orthotics managed to find a stable and comfortable position in there. Since then, even though a lot of skepticism is attached to the orthotics, their popularity has not dropped down a bit and can still find its loyal users.

Custom Orthotics

  • What is custom orthotics?

The most basic question that needs to be answered is what custom orthotics or orthopedic are. To understand all of this, basic knowledge about orthopedic should be present. Orthopedics is a branch of medicine mostly related to skeletal correction. So, to get the ideal custom, orthotics are connected to your bones and joints.
Custom orthotics are a wearable device worn to align the foot and ankle. These are custom made devices that fit inside the shoes, just like the insoles. They correct the imbalance of the body by bringing the foot and the ankle in the symmetry.
They are being called custom here as each, and every foot shape and size is different. And making just one kind of insoles will not help with the problem. The foot imprint is taking, and then the insole is designed especially for him.

Custom Orthotics health

  • The science behind it all

Runners mostly face those typical runner injuries and end up using the custom orthotics. Running sometimes can lead to overpronation of the feet. So now, what is overpronation? Pronation refers to the normal side-to-side movement of your feet as you walk or run. In a perfectly normal gait, the foot rolls outwards, but in overpronation, the foot starts to turn inwards, which may lead to various injuries and foot problems.

So to correct this condition, orthotics came into play. Thus have an arch and slanted heel that will, like the usual conditions, roll your foot outwards. It will prevent overpronation in the long run.


  1. The orthotics are receiving a mixed set of studies ever since they have been around.
  2. Some runners have prescribed these custom-made orthotics, and it worked for them. Many have reported being healed by the orthotics, where the problem of over-pronation is taken care of it.
  3. While some have reported that they remain unaffected by the use of orthotics and no signs of improvement were recorded even by its correct and repetitive news.

So, to clear the confusion, a study found out that the orthotics have different results for different people. While in some, it will significantly help them recover their problems, some may remain unaffected or may even worsen the situation!

Therefore, to know if the orthotics will work for you to check with your physician. It may benefit if it suits you and may relieve the pain and stress. So do not be afraid to try this custom made orthotics. They are worth the shot!

Updated: 12 December 2019

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