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Cute Hairstyles For Hot Days

by Tatiana Plesco
Cute Hair Styles For Hot Days

Flaunting impressive hairstyles during summer is quite a difficult task as hair strands find it tough to withstand the heat and humidity of the summer season. Here are some cute summer hairstyles and hair fashion tips that are easy to try and look fabulous.

  • Polished pixie cut:

Polished pixie haircut

A pixie is a sophisticated haircut that is a downright chic way of flaunting short hair, and it works great for hot summer days. This slicked-back hairstyle gives an elegant finish to short hair and is ideal for formal events. Apply some anti-frizz serum to your wet hair and make a deep side partition. Now blow dry your hair to be straight or let it air dry.
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Apply an oil-based serum on dry hair right from its root to the tip and comb.
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There you have a fabulous summer hairstyle!

  • Tousled hair:

Tousled hairGive long bangs a soft lift and keep them off your face. This hairstyle is perfect for hot summer days. Apply some volumizing mouse to front strands and blows dry your hair. Lift and pull the front strands upward and towards the side of your forehead. Go for a less structured look, to get the complete tousled hairstyle.

  • Retro style ponytail:

Retro Style Ponytail

Ponytails are no doubt ideal for hot summer days. Add additional oomph factor to your ponytail by adding some height to the crown.
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With the help of a small brush, tease a hair section at the top of your head to create a lift like effects. Now make a ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Wrap hair around the band and tuck the ends underneath by using bobby pins. Smooth out any unruly strands by lightly brushing over the crown.

  • Topknot hairstyle:

Topknot hairstyle

It is a great way to pull your hair back and is ideal for hot and humid summer days. Get this sleek look by applying some styling wax to dry hair and use a brush to slick it back. Make a ponytail at the top of your crown, make three separate sections of hair, and tease each section to add volume. Twist and wrap each section around the elastic band and firmly secure it with bobby pins.

  • Side Braid:

Side Braid hairstyle

This style works great, especially if you are coming straight from beaches or have not washed your hair. To make this side braid, gather all the dry hair to one side right under your ear. Make three sections and braid and secure the ends using an elastic band. Leave a few hair strands around your face, to make the look appear casual.

All these fashion tips and the latest beauty trends for hair are easy to try and leave you looking great.

Updated on 1/27/2020

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