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Cycle Your Way To Weight Loss And Health

by Tatiana Plesco
Cycle Your Way To Weight Loss And Health

Let’s face it – most of us live incredibly stressful lives full of junk food, deadlines and rushing to get from point A to point B in time. Our jobs dictate the tempo and deadlines are strict, and thus people are stressed more than ever before, and this is starting to affect their health. There are many who struggle with excess weight but have little time or money to change this. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this: cycling! With cycling, you will be able to get fit, lose weight, and save some time.

  • Time to get lean 

If you only look at commercials, you might think that dieting is the most effective weight to lose weight, but it’s not. It is scientifically proven that exercise leads to weight loss too, and regular cycling is a form of cardio which is most effective. Another important thing: don’t be obsessed with the numbers on the scale! Muscles are heavier than fat, and as you lose fat and gain muscle you might put on a couple of pounds more. Even if this happens your jeans won’t lie – you will notice your old clothes becoming baggier with every passing week.

  • Commuting like a boss

There is no better time for you to exercise than when you’re going to and from work. Instead of spending hours at the gym you can simply make the most of the time you would spend on a train or subway. Some people may hesitate to cycle to their workplace because, to be honest, cycling can be difficult and nobody wants to show up for work looking all sweaty and exhausted. There is a perfect solution for that: electric bikes. These are incredibly useful because you can turn the motor on and off as you please: turn it on when you’re on your way to work, and when you’re going home simply pedal and workout. Peugeot, Electra, and Gitane bikes have a reputation for incredibly reliable vehicles and you can choose one of these for your commute.

  • You will be happier 

You know what people who are keen on workouts always say: you will grow to like it. Even if it takes you some time to adopt a habit of cycling every (other) day, the benefits of this activity are numerous. Cycling is casual rather than competitive, and the longer you do it the better you will feel about yourself. Not only will your body change and become more muscular, but you will be proud of what you have achieved with hard work (which was more of a fun and casual activity than hard work). Any form of physical activity can help you battle depression and fight anxiety, and this means that you will be feeling less stressed every day.

  • Live Longer 

Cycling is incredibly easy to fit into your everyday life and benefits of incorporating cycling into your routine are numerous. The obvious upside of getting healthier is a longer lifespan and there is some scientific evidence that cyclists really live longer. A study on participants of Tour de France has shown that professional cyclists live about six years longer than average. In conclusion: not only will you get in shape, feel less stressed and much happier, but you will live longer to enjoy all these benefits.

If you think that it’s time for a change in your life, there is no better way to do it than taking up cycling as both a hobby and a means of transport. While it may be challenging at first, as more time passes you will realize that your health is improving and that you started losing weight. These changes are slow and take time, but if you adopt this healthy habit you will soon understand that your life is changed for the better.

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