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Dangerous Chemicals Found In Western Foods

by Tatiana Plesco

Who does not like to eat delicious burgers, sandwiches, kulchas, etc.? In comparison to healthy foods, western/processed foods are largely consumed by persons. I guess you would be aware of the fact that fast foods do not contain any nutrients. But, do you also know about health hazards of eating fast foods? Are you aware of toppings, preservatives, and chemicals that are found in processed foods? Most chemicals lead to health problems such as high cholesterols, high blood pressure, reduced metabolism, etc. As much as toxins found in fast foods also lead to several times of cancers. Therefore, you can also lose your life by consuming dangerous chemicals. Below, I have shared some destructive chemicals that can be found in processed/western foods:

  • Sodium Benzoate

 A popular organic compound called benzene is present in several fast foods. This preservative enhances color and makes foods look delicious. They are particularly added for preventing any kind of mold. They help in avoiding rancidity. But, they offer several side effects. Benzene along with ascorbic acid degrade the functioning of the respiratory system. They also cause some damage to the thyroid. Benzene compounds are found in most processed/fast foods.

  • Palm Oil

 Do you know how trans fats are produced? The culprits are no one but these palm oils. Normals fats such as soybean and palm oils acquire the form of trans fats. Materials that are used for packaging fast/processed foods cause various problems. I guess you are aware of problems caused by trans fats. Trans fats increase the cholesterol and increase the blood pressure. High blood pressure further leads to several heart problems. Adverse type of effects occurs when triglycerides combine with these trans fats.

  • Sodium Nitrates

Hot dogs, bacon, and processed meats contain sodium Nitrates. These compounds are used as preservatives. In addition to Sodium Nitrates, sodium nitrites are also present in processed/fast foods. These two compounds can lead to

  1. Diabetes
  2. Problem of Metabolic Syndrome
  3. Several types of cancers especially colon cancer
  4. Mono Sodium Glutamate

 Have you heard about MSG?  It is a flavor enhancer which is used in sandwiches, burgers, etc. Non-vegetarian foods such as chickens and beef are also flavored with Mono Sodium Glutamate. Everyone knows about harmful effects of sodium. But, these glutamates cause additional problems. These compounds cause many serious brain problems. So, if you focus on excessive fast foods, you can degrade your mental health.

  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole

 Butylated Hydroxyanisole is commonly called BHA. This compound is used for preventing food from spoilage and from causing the smell.No spoilage means no food poisoning. But, foods equipped with butylated hydroxyanisole have the capability of causing various types of cancers. They degrade the functioning of endocrine glands and degrade the immunity.Therefore, it is not a better option to earn foods that contain Butylated Hydroxyanisole.

  • Phthalates

 Phthalate is a common chemical used in making plastics. This chemical can also reach to our body through fast foods. Certainly, foods can get contaminated with phthalates when poured into plastic vessels. This chemical degrades the flow of hormones required for the normal working of the body. This chemical can cause health diseases that cannot be cured easily with the help of medicines. Phthalates can not degrade the immune system problems, but they can also cause reproductive problems. One particular way to avoid problems caused by phthalates is by reducing fast foods consumption.

  • Leaving Agents

 If you observe McNugget, you will find only 45% of the actual chicken. Other 55% is fulfilled by artificial sweeteners and synthetic ingredients. Out of all, leaving agents to find the maximum percentage. Popular McNugget contains vast amounts of leaving agents Leaving agents also lead to

  1. Heart Diseases
  2. Lungs Diseases
  3. Kidney Problems
  • Sugars and Corn Derivatives

You must be aware of dangerous diseases of sugars consumption. You can avail diabetes and have decreased in insulin by consuming high sugar content. Other harmful ingredients are corn derivatives. These are made from various types of elements. These derivatives are known for causing obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. Moreover, you can also degrade your mental health by consuming corn derivatives. If you want to prevent yourself from health problems, you must give up fast foods.

Wrapping Up

The need of the hour is to give up the fast foods/western foods that contain many additives, chemicals, and harmful ingredients. Sodium nitrates commonly used as a preservative lead to high blood pressure and also causes heart diseases. MSG, which is used in sandwiches and burgers can even lead to cancers. Phthalates, popular plastic making material, inhibit the regulation of growth hormones like testosterone. Mcnugget contains more than 90% of leaving agents that cause problems in the kidneys, lungs, and heart. Other common health problems are caused by excessive sugar and sodium content. So, avoid eating fast foods for living healthy for longer periods.

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